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See the hints at the bottom of this page for a successful transaction. Need additional assistance? See our help page or email

Helpful hints for a successful transaction:

  • On the initial Order page:
    • Make sure to choose one of the options in the Membership Fee section or you will only be charged the $50 Capital Improvement fee.
    • If you have more than two children in your household, only choose two in the “Membership Fee” section, then check the “Register More Than Two Children” section. We’ll mark your other kids as paid.
    • If you get this message: “You missed 1 required field. It has been highlighted,” make sure that the “Credit or Debit” is selected in the Payment Method section and that you have chosen at least one member to renew.
  • Confirm order page:
    • Credit card numbers must formatted without spaces or dashes: xxxxxxxxxxxx Card expiration dates must be entered like: MM-YYYY
    • If you get this message: “Error: There was an error processing this payment .. If you need assistance please contact the club,” see: help page on payment troubleshooting before re-submitting to avoid extra authorizations on your card!