Logging in for the first time

  1. Click on the Login link at the top right of this page.
  2. Click on the “Retrieve username & password” link on the login page
  3. Enter your email address
  4. An email will be sent to you with your username and a link to set your password.
    Please contact registration@pgpool.org if you get a message that your email is not found.
  5. Open the link in the email and enter a new password and press the Submit button
  6. After submitting, if you get a notification that your password was successfully reset, click to return to the login screen.
  7. On the login screen your username should automatically be entered. If it’s not, you can find it in your password reset email. Enter your new password and click Submit.
    Note: Your username may be the email of someone else on your account, that can be changed after logging in. See this FAQ for more information.

We’ve heard reports of people using the password reset link, entering a new password and then the spinning circle that shows the system is processing the change never stops. The spinner should be there for only 5-10 seconds, if it’s there for much longer than that, something’s not working.

Please try re-generating the password reset link and entering your password again. One cause of this problem is if the one-use link has been previously used, but we are looking into other causes.

If that doesn’t work, email us at registration@pgpool.org and we’ll send you a temporary password.

If the steps to reset your password aren’t working for you, please email registration@pgpool.org and we’ll send you a temporary password and your username so you can access your account.

The Account page has three main areas:

  • A top menu with “Account” and “Payments” (Payments is used to register. This may be disabled if you log in before registration opens).
  • A left “Account” side with account-level settings that apply to your entire membership.
  • A right “Members” side with each person on your membership listed.

The Account level information is on the left side of the Accounts page. It has account-level settings that apply to your entire membership.

You can:

  • Change your password
  • View your PG Pool ID# (used by members to check in at the front desk)
  • Edit you Account details
  • Set an Emergency Contact (optional)

To change the Account level information, click Edit button on the left side.

  • Billing Contact is described here.
  • Your address should match your credit card billing information.
  • Username can be edited, but must be unique in the system.
    Note: Your username can be an email address or other text. Using an email address won’t add that email to our maiing list, that ii done in the Members section.

The Members section list all the people on your membership.
To add a member, click on the “Add Member” button:

The required fields when you add someone are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Member Type (age category): choose “New addition- to be set by pool admin”
  • Birthdate
  • Photo: please use a recognizable photo of the person’s face. This is used by gate guards at entry.

Optional fields:

  • Email (must be unique in the system, see ___. Email will be added to our mailing list)
  • Phone numbers

A note about Member Type and billing: the membership rate is determined by date of birth, not what “Member Type” is set to. You can add and pay for a member while the are still in the “New addition- to be set by pool admin” category.

If there is someone listed on your membership that will not be part of  your membership, you have two choices:

  1. Permanently remove them from you membership with the “Delete” button by their name.
  2. Leave the person in Members. When you are ready to pay for registration, there will be an option to choose which members to pay for. This option is a good choice if the person is planning on registering in a future year as part of your membership.

The person set as the Billing Contact can’t be deleted and has to be paid for when registering. See here ___ about changing the Billing Contact.

When you choose to reset your password, you should receive the email with the reset link within a minute or two. If you don’t receive it, check your spam folder and if it’s not there, send us an email a registration@pgpool.org and we’ll send you a temporary password.


  • We’re no longer using the pgpoolmembers.org website. Everything (general pool info and registration) is on www.pgool.org
  • Pool email accounts now use @pgpool.org instead of @pgpoolmembers.org. (e.g. treasurer@pgpool.org)
  • The age used to determine a member’s age category is now based on registration date rather than first day of the season. We hope to return to start of season if that feature becomes available in the registration system.
  • The new system cannot automatically handle that you are only charged for the first two children (ages 2-20) on a membership. There are special steps for registering more than two kids so you are not overcharged.
  • There is a single account per membership. In the old system, multiple people on a membership could have user names and passwords.

Yes, the waitlist was moved to the new system. Information about the waitlist including a recent listing of it is available here.

Yes, we were able to import the previous member numbers from the old system. In the new system we’ve called them “PG Pool ID#” and they’re sometimes called “Legacy Account #” in the system.

A new membership number was also setup in the new system, but we don’t have plans to use those. The new numbers have five digits and start with “8”.

There is one person on the membership designated as the Billing Contact.

Special things about the Billing Contact:

  • The system requires that they must register be including on the membership renewal. If they’re not registering, change the Billing Contact before renewing.
  • They can’t be deleted from a membership. To delete them, first change the Billing Contact to someone else on the membership.
  • They must have an email associated with their member entry.

To change the Billing Contact:

  • Click on the “Edit” button in the Account area.
  • Choose a new Billing Contact name from the dropdown.

When we imported records into the new system we typically set the username to the email of the person we set as the Billing Contact on your account. You’re welcome to change your username to something else, it does not need to be an email address.

Note that if an email address is used as a username, it won’t be automatically added to our mailing list. Only email addresses listed in each member entry are added to the mailing list.

To change your username, click the Edit button in the Account area. Enter a new username in the “Username” box.

Our registration system company has a requirement that emails (and usernames) not be repeated in any account in any pool using their system. For example, if you’re signed up on the waitlist of another pool using this registration system, you can’t use the same email address for PG Pool.

We have encouraged the hosting company to make the necessary system changes so the same email can be used at different pools.

Tip: if you have gmail account, one workaround is to create a unique email by adding dots to your gmail account name. Gmail ignores these dots, so you’ll receive our messages into your account. E.g. both johnsmith@gmail.com and john.smith@gmail.com get delivered to the same address.
See here for more information from Google.

Registering for membership

Please see our video tutorial on registering.

  1. Log in to your PG Pool account with the “Log In” button at the top of the page or use this link.
  2. On your account page add any missing member photos.
  3. When all photos are added there will be a message to take you to the payment page.

Payment page

  1. Choose if you will be renewing your membership or placing it on hold for the season.
  2. If you have chosen to renew, a list of members will appear. Check the boxes next to the members.
    ⚠️If you’re registering more than two children (2-20), only choose two here to pay the maximum child fee of $140.
  3. If you’re registering more than two children (2-20), also choose the option to have your additional children added to your membership by a site admin.
  4. Proceed to checkout by clicking the “Debit or Credit” option and choosing “Next

Enter payment information

  1. On the next screen enter your credit card information and complete your order with the “Submit Order” button.
  2. You will receive an email with a copy of your invoice. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes.

Our membership fees are structured that only for the first two dependent children (2-20 years old) have a fee, with additional children added for no added cost. The registration system cannot automatically handle this fee structure, so you will need to take a two actions to make sure you are not overcharged and all your children will be marked as active members.

  1. During the renewal process only choose to register two of your 2-20 year olds. This will give the maximum child fee of $140. ⚠️If you choose more than two children with a $70 fee, you will be overcharged.
  2. Choose the option to have your other children added for no cost. This will notify a site admin to modify your membership and mark your additional children as paid.

The addition of baby sitters and house guests will open mid-May. Please return to this page then for more information on that process.

  1. Log into your PG Pool account. If you need to setup a password, see the instructions here.
  2. On your account page go to “Make a Payment” in the “Payments” menu.
  3. On the payments screen there is the option to register as a morning lap swimmer.
  4. Proceed to checkout by clicking the “Debit or Credit” option and choosing “Next
  5. On the next screen enter your credit card information and complete your order with the “Submit Order” button.
  6. You will receive an email with a copy of your invoice. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive it within a few minutes.

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