Co-op hours can be completed by doing board-approved work that maintains or improves the pool’s grounds, facilities and equipment, assists with the operations of the pool, or is necessary for events that raise money for the pool.

In order to keep things at the PG Pool running smoothly, every member age 21 or older is required to either pay a co-op deposit or fulfill 2.5 co-op hours. To fulfill the co-op hour obligation members may choose to sign up for a seasonal job, participate in a scheduled workday; or liaise with a board member for specific tasks.

For documenting your co-op hours and obtaining a refund, please read this. A refund will not be made without a request in writing.

Signing up for a co-op job requires ongoing attention to a specific task over some or all of the pool season. Each and every one of the jobs is essential to the smooth operation of the pool. Many of these jobs require you to help with the minding, maintaining, or restocking of something for a set period, typically for one or two weeks. If you sign up for a job, please see the job through until the end of the assigned period. Should the board discover that the duty is not being fulfilled appropriately, co-op hours may not be granted.


Sign ups for available jobs can be found here. Plan to check the page and individual sign-ups periodically as new slots or tasks may be added throughout the season. Email if you have any questions or suggestions for other tasks not listed here that could fulfill coop hours.

Lost and Found: Monitor and organize the Lost and Found shed. This includes checking on the shed regularly and ensuring that items are relatively organized, towels are dry before being folded or stashed away and broken items and trash are thrown away. This job is good for those members who plan to be at the pool every day (or almost every day) or evening in a given week.

Kitchen Crew: Monitor and clean the kitchen. This includes decluttering and cleaning the sink and counters, wiping down the microwaves, fridges & freezer if needed (inside & out), removing unlabeled and/or old food from the fridges, and sweeping and mopping the floor as needed. This job is good for those members who plan to be at the pool every day (or almost every day) or evening in a given week.

Propane Refillers: Monitor and exchange propane tanks. This requires a vehicle than can carry several tanks at a time and the ability to lift and move the tanks, which can be heavy when full. Empty tanks can be exchanged at Annie’s Hardware in Brookland and charged to the pool’s account there.

Supplies Shoppers: Monitor pool supplies (cleaning supplies, shampoo, soap, gloves, trash bags, etc) and order and restock as needed for the season. Costs are reimbursed by the pool.

Ice Cream Crew: Monitor ice cream freezers and order and restock as needed.

Team Soda: Monitor beverage coolers and purchase and restock soda and other beverages for the coolers as needed. Costs are reimbursed by the pool.

Snack Crew: Monitor the supply of snacks and purchase, restock, and organize as needed. Costs are reimbursed by the pool.

Grill Crew: Monitor the state of the grills, troubleshoot issues and carry out small repairs. Periodically train members and crew on basic use and maintenance of the grills.

Team Music: Work with the Events coordinator to help set up and tear down equipment for bands hosted by the pool.

Communications Team: Assist with pool communications which may include: collate and send weekly email updates, print and post updates, triage pool emails, liaise with various teams, etc.

Pre & Post Season Work Day Crew: Starting in early April, work days are scheduled to get the pool grounds ready for opening day, typically on a Saturday or Sunday morning. These tasks typically require physical work and may include: weeding, plant removal, or general grounds keeping; fence repair; building, repairing, or moving of picnic tables and chairs; painting; digging; power washing; cleaning out rooms or sheds; or other tasks or skills as requested by the work day coordinator. Additional work days may be scheduled during season as needed. Several work days are held again in October to clean up the grounds and store items in the off-season.

Misc Jobs: Occasionally, needs arise that don’t fit neatly into any category and we’ll put out a call for members to help in exchange for co-op hours. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate a specific event (Tent Night, July 4th, Pride, Oktoberfest, etc.)
  • Purchase or make food for an event
  • Set up, staff and/or clean up for an event
  • Greet & welcome guests on community pool days
  • Complete maintenance needs (plumbing, carpentry, electrical, or other specialized skill)
  • Repair parking lot pot holes