Joining the waitlist

About the waitlist

  • Memberships are offered to people on the waiting list strictly based on the order of the list.
  • In a typical year we have about 25 available membership slots from current members who choose not to renew. We offer spots to about 100 people to fill those available memberships. The membership spots become available in mid-April, after the renewal process for current members is complete.
  • We cannot accurately predict the future movement of the waitlist, but, in the 2023 season, the people at the top of the waiting list being offered memberships added their names to the list in 2014.

Waitlist policies

  • Each household can only have one waitlist entry.
  • Waitlist spots are non-transferrable.
  • To remain on the waitlist, you must re-opt into the list each season by March 15th. If you have not opted-in for the season, you will be removed from the list. See below for details on how to re-opt in.
  • When you are at the top of the list and offered a membership spot, you must either:
    • pay to become an active member for the current season;
    • pay the hold fee for the current season which keeps your membership spot, but does not give pool access (this can be thought of as a deferral fee); or
    • decline the membership and lose your membership offer and waitlist spot.

View the waiting list

List as of 5/20/2024 (this was updated just AFTER 2024 membership spots were filled.)

We update the posted list twice a year, before and after we offer membership spots to the top of the list.

Re-opting into the list

    • To remain on the waiting list, you must re-opt into the list every season by March 15th. If you do not re-opt in by March 15th, you will be removed from the waiting list. Starting in mid-April, you can re-opt in for the following season.
    • We will send an email to people on the waiting list in the summer to re-opt into the list for the following season. The email will contain a link to confirm your interest.
    • You can also re-opt in by logging into your account, which was automatically created when you joined the waiting list. After logging in, you can submit this form to request to stay on the list. Please note, this form requires that you be logged in to the website.
    • After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email. We recommend you retain this until the following year as proof of your re-confirmation.

For people seeking options while still on the waiting list:

    • We offer lap-swim-only memberships to people on the waiting list, allowing them to come every morning that we open exclusively for lap swimmers.
    • We offer August-only memberships to the top of the waitlist.
    • Our guest policy allows members to bring guests an unlimited number of times during the week (Monday-Friday until 5pm) and a limited number on weekends.