Membership Rates

For a complete list of prices and membership definitions, please see our Rules, Regulations & Prices page.

  • Adult: $230 each
  • One dependent child: $70
  • Two or more dependent children: $140
  • Senior: $170 each
  • Children under the age of two on date registered are free

Capital Improvement Fee: $50 (Every membership unit: family group/group house/couple with or without children/single adult or senior pays this fee.)

All adults under the age of 70 pay a refundable co-op deposit: $120 up to the age of 59; those age 60-69 pay $60; members age 70 and over do not pay a co-op deposit. Co-op deposits are refundable. See here for more information.

*Babysitter: $75 (This person may visit the pool an unlimited number of times ONLY when accompanied by a member and may not be a member of your immediate family.)

*Houseguests may join a membership for up to a month for a fee of $110 per adult and $50 per dependent child.

*These options will be available in mid-May.

Early Morning Lap Swim memberships are available to people on the waitlist for $175 plus the $50 capital improvement fee.

We sometimes offer August-only memberships to the pool to those at the top of the waiting list. These will be announced in late June or early July for each season that we decide to offer them. Prices are listed here.


Child: under age 2 on date registered
Dependent child: age 2 through 20 on date registered unless a membership consists of a single individual whose age is 18-20. Individual memberships for 18-20-year-olds will be charged at the adult rate.
Adult: aged 21 to 59 on date registered
Senior: age 60 or over on date registered


If you would like to join PG Pool, please add your name to the waiting list here.

In a typical year we have about 25 available membership slots from members who choose not to renew. We offer spots to about 100 people to fill those available memberships. The membership spots become available in mid-April, after the renewal process for current members is complete.

View the waitlist

List as of 5/5/2022

We post the waitlist twice a year, before and after we offer membership spots to the top of the list.

For people seeking options while still on the waiting list:

  • We offer lap-swim-only memberships to people on the waiting list, allowing them to come every morning that we open exclusively for lap swimmers.
  • We offer end-of-the-season, August-only memberships to the top of the wait list.
  • Our guest policy allows members to bring guests an unlimited number of times during the week (Monday-Friday until 5pm) and a limited number on weekends.