PG Pool Committees

PG Pool relies on its members to ensure that the pool operates smoothly. We have set up a number of committees to oversee, plan and implement the work required to ensure that it becomes and remains an environment in which we all want to spend a lot of time. If you are interested in joining any of these committees, have questions about how they operate, or want to volunteer to do some work please contact the relevant committee chair:

The president and vice-president are de facto members of all committees.

Executive Committee

Elizabeth Duffy

Finance Committee

Marvin Russell

Management Committee

Stacy Smith

Membership Committee

Matthew Kweskin

Co-op Committee

Paul Wood

Capital Improvements Committee

Chuck Thies

Grounds Committee

Chuck Thies

Physical Plant Committee

Chuck Thies

Gardening Committee

Mary Melchior

Events Committee

Dave DeRosa

Communications Committee

Kristen Dill, design