Board Meeting Minutes June 2, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: June 2, 2016

Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Meredith Massey, Mary Melchior, Dave deRosa, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Mic Byrne, Dave McCandlish, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss Riggs, Liz Duffy, Abebi Wolfe
Apologies: Chris Goff, Mic, Stacey

Committees- There were no committee reports

Levee Update
Finance - Marvin
Physical Plant

Old Business

New Business

Food trucks: Scheduling and placement of food trucks discussed.

Phone inquiries re: pool membership and race: Discussed several phone calls to front desk asking if this is a whites only pool. Calls have stopped now.

Opening weekend: It was lovely. Gate guards are doing well. Parking passes are now being offered. Closing procedures weren’t clear at first. We will stay open until 11 on Sundays of the remaining three-day weekends.

Parking Issues:

Report on parking pass implementation: no one was in charge, so there was some confusion.

Handicapped spaces should be better marked.

Thomas Stone was nearly full on Saturday.

Safety concern walking to and from TS parking lot.

Two complaints about having to have a parking pass.

Anyone parked illegally should be towed. Any board member should feel free to call the towing company after making an announcement first.

Subcommittee will form to discuss future parking policies.

Queenstown was notified by letter that their parking privileges were over but perhaps some did not get the letter.  Next year this should be discussed with Queenstown.


Drive Towing will be contacted to improve signage.

Fire lane parking. No parking on tarmac.

Staff parking: Staff get parking passes to park in the lot. This is in the contract.

Is there inventory control on parking passes? There should be—they are valuable.

Policy clarifications:

1 pass, 1 membership

Seasonal towing – courtesy signage for Queenstown Residents at start of 2017

Flooding due to completed work on Buchanan Street.

City rep and company who did work not sympathetic to flooding issue. Is rain coming into lot from street instead of into the swale? How to remedy this situation? Speed bumps at entrances?

Ice maker and kitchen ventilation DJ will talk to Joe Kelly about water leaking out of icemaker

Kitchen is getting super hot from the refrigerators- Mic please sort this out.

Painting floors in locker rooms- There are several stages involved in putting the nonstick surface on. Some of these were completed but due to weather and slow drying of the epoxy, not all of them. The floors need the 3rd non-slip coat.

Should we close bathrooms/pool for 2 days or close one and then the other? Should we purchase more mats and go on for the season? Andrew suggests power washing epoxy off. This idea is not popular. David McC will contact Dan Demarco to ask for help/advice.  Chuck suggests using adhesive sand paper strips in lieu of the mats which will become gross and stinky. Abebi: mats seem to be working in women’s room.

Front Gate:

Flyer for prospective members—are they available at the front desk? They are in the left hand drawer.

Cash cards:

Report on Implementation- 545 activated cards totaling $13,000. $1,900 has been redeemed so far.

Old PGP Punch Cards—they will be honored (punched at gate) until July 15.

3rd IPad and card reader

Credit card minimum purchases- The $10 minimum is abolished. No minimum now.

Grown child memberships- What is policy for splitting grown kids into new memberships? Future agenda item.

Keys for new locks- all present have the new key

Dropbox usage- use dropbox (cloud storage) for board documents.

Next Steps for the Next Meeting Sat Jun 4 4pm

Future Agenda Items

Next Meetings: