Letter to New Members (2021)

Dear New Member,

Welcome to Prince George’s Swimming Pool—or PG Pool as it is universally known. As president of the board I want to extend our thanks to you for joining. I’m sure I join the rest of the board in saying that I very much look forward to meeting you. And thank you for toughing out the waiting list.

The pool opens for business on Saturday May 29 at 11:00am. In accordance with guidelines from the State of Maryland and current CDC guidance we will be opening with regular operating procedures with a few exceptions.

You can review our “normal” operations on our COVID policies page and our rules and regulations page.

I ask that at least one person in each membership reads the emails that come from our Board members. The emails are timely notices about upcoming events, unscheduled closures and other important information. They come through our membership database, so please log in to your account and ensure that the email addresses are correct and complete for all necessary family members. We also have a Twitter account for immediate alerts such as unscheduled closings. Another way to stay connected is an active pool Facebook group.

As a member, you have a say in how the pool is run. Please feel free to email any member of the board, or talk to us on the grounds—our photos will be by the front gate. There are also two official opportunities to have your say. Member meetings for all members take place on the second weekend and second-to-last weekend of the season. We vote in new and returning board members at the second meeting. Watch out for notices about timing and the agenda.

As returning members know, PG Pool is run on a cooperative basis, which means that members take responsibility for much of the work that goes into running a pool. This strengthens our community connections, builds the sense of ownership and keeps the pool fees reasonable. When you registered you paid a co-op deposit ($100 per adult and $50 for seniors) with your membership fees. You may claim the deposit back by working 2.5 hours of board-approved work per adult.

Co-op Jobs—There are opportunities through the season to volunteer for a co-op job. There are season-long jobs as well as one-time only tasks. Workdays occur on various Saturdays and Sundays, March through May, less often, if at all, during the season and after the season is over when we put everything away for the winter (sniff). Members are reminded to keep track of their hours by logging into our membership website and registering them there. For information about documenting your co-op hours or requesting a refund, see the Co-op Refund page. Please note that a refund will not be made without a request. For a list of co-op jobs see the Co-op Jobs List page and keep an eye out for emails from the Pool board about jobs. We are, of course, completely open to people completing more than the co-op requirement and/or donating the co-op deposit to the pool.

Toddler Swim—The wading pool is open every day from 10:00 a.m. All children using the toddler pool must be supervised by a parent or responsible person age 15 or older who is inside the fenced toddler pool area at all times. On the Saturdays our swim team has a home meet, there is NO toddler swim. A note will be emailed out to alert you to those dates. Guests who come for toddler swim must leave the grounds after toddler swim ends by 12:00 noon—or pay the additional guest fee. The nonmember rates for the toddler swim period are $1 adults & $3 children.

Lap Swim—Every weekday from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. on weekends (except on the Saturday mornings that the pool is in use by the swim team. We will alert you to those when we know the dates).

Cashless Pool—PG Pool does not use cash. For purchases at the pool (e.g. ice cream, guest fees) you can use a credit card or request a PG Pool card which you can load credit onto. 

Parking— Parking is limited at the pool and often fills at high use times. There are overflow spots at Thomas Stone Elementary School, just a block or so away at 4500 40th Street. One parking pass per membership may be picked up at the front desk on your first visit to the pool. A parking pass is required for parking on the pool grounds during peak times (after 3pm weekends/holidays and after 4pm weekdays). 

Guests— We are starting the 2021 season with guests only allowed M-Th. Each membership may bring in up to eight (8) nonmember guests on any one day. Guests must be accompanied by members while on the pool grounds, i.e. the member and the guest(s) must be on the grounds at the same time. During weekdays there is no limit to the number of visits a guest can make. It’s unclear if we will be allowing weekend guests at some point this year, but if we do, there are limits to the number of weekend visits any nonmember age 18 or over is allowed, see Guests and Guest Fees.

That’s all for now.

Again, welcome to PG Pool.

Elizabeth Duffy