Members Meeting August 24th, 2019

MINUTES of the August 24, 2019 Prince George’s Swimming Pool Inc,

Members Meeting



Chris Goff calls meeting to order at approx. 4:07pm, welcomes members and reviews the agenda.


Financial Report:

Marvin distributes budget and financial report to members, says there is plenty of cash on hand, that we are on budget, the balance sheet shows we are in good financial shape and our income and expenses are on par with expectations year to date.

Member question about putting cash into CDs was answered “no, that we are using a money market account held with PNC Bank.”


Membership Update:

Dennis says lap swimmers took advantage of the August only memberships which were up to 68 compared to 40 in 2018. PG Pool has ~2500 total members and 675 total memberships.


Physical Plant:

Chuck reports the grounds received a lot of care and attention preseason including sod and the addition of several rain gardens. The goal of this investment is to obtain as much grass growth as possible by the end of the year.

We are entering the last year of our contract with Lighthouse and are looking to renew and renegotiate for next season.


Smoking Policy Discussion

Ayelet Hines presents a motion to adopt a no smoking and vaping policy at PG Pool and wants the board of directors to dedicate resources to communicate and enforce the new no smoking policy.  Floor opened to discussion:


Linda Couch – provides a Facebook page discussion recap and comments that the board’s inaction was a de facto support of smoking on the grounds.

Helen Searls – against no smoking policy as she is not a fan of regulating behavior that is not safety focused.

Mike Murphy & Charlie ? – supports the proposed policy to prioritize our health.

Andy Calazarro – favors the no smoking policy because he is a physician who is fighting for nonsmokers’ right to have clean air.

Andrew Farrington – doesn’t support the policy.

Discussion wraps; motion called to vote on Non-Smoking policy; 29 in favor and 44 against.


Levee Project Update

Chris states that on September 15th the city may access the pool grounds to begin the 2-year project which includes removing vegetation 15ft within the levee; that will involve replanting along the southside of the riviera once the project is complete. This work must be done by spring 2020 in time for opening day. It could impede our annual Christmas tree burning in January. Mic reports submitting plans to the County regarding easements and will post plans next spring.


Capital Improvements

5-year plan is up this year and most of the plan has been implemented except the second pavilion.  We are exploring a process to make major capital investments to include: (1) parking lot improvements to address water runoff and containment and the possibility of adding more raingardens in the off season of 2020; restructuring handicapped parking to flatten access and get closer to the bath house; (2) bath house improvements – replace plumbing along Buchanan Street.

Member question about adding a handicapped lift assist to pool.

Bill Thomas says that they have looked into adding bat houses to the grounds but due to the levee work in progress we should wait until the project is completed.

Board Elections: Renewing or New elections

Dennis Alexander, Mic Burns, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, Stacy Smith and Paul Wood. Slate approved by membership.

Board Officers:

Elizabeth Duffy, President, VP TBD, Marvin Russell, Treasurer, Meredith Massey, Secretary. Slate approved by membership.

Meeting adjourned 4:55pm.