Board Meeting Minutes October 3, 2019

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

Minutes: October 3, 2019


Present: Elizabeth Duffy, Chuck Thies, Meredith Masey, DJ Nolan, April Downs, Marvin Russel, Dave DeRosa, Paul Wood, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior,


Apologies:  Abebi Wolfe, Stacy Smith, Dennis Alexander



Old Business (MMA)

  • Incident report follow up
    • Emails will be sent to both parties. Chuck and DJ working on those.
  • Diversity and inclusion committee
    • Chris G. will find a professional to help the board develop a charge for this committee.
    • Goal is to have the committee formed in the late spring so that it is up and running by the beginning of next season



  • Finance
    • New cc/square fees
      • There are some alternatives to Square that may be worth investigating
  • Management
  • Physical Plant
    • Implications of Mic Burns’ resignation from the board
      • Chuck will take over as physical plant chair
      • Board will recruit someone with contracting and/or architecture experience
    • Bids for plumbing work before winterization (Chuck)
    • Cimenelli’s has seeded and treated the grass area
  • Membership
  • Co-op
    • End of season workdays completed
  • Events
    • Chuck will mark off the fragile grass area in advance of Oktoberfest
    • Dave will work with Lonni to develop a contract for performers


New Business:


  • Survey
    • Please send comments to Meredith before 10/8


  • Facebook/communications
    • Facebook page will remain, but a note will be added that it’s not moderated and a pinned post will include how to contact the board.
    • Logical emails are established for: Secretary, president, vp, treasurer, alerts and membership and events
    • Co-op needs an email set up
    • Text alerts would be appreciated for next season (Tanya is looking into it)


Future business: 


·         Restructure the Waiting List – get zip codes

·         Long-term plan for music on the grounds

  • Single-member hold fee change
  • Smoking policy
  • Lighthouse hiring policies check
  • Pay Data
  • Diversity and inclusion committee
  • Board training/equity and inclusion training
  • Facebook/communications



Next meeting: Sunday, November 3, 2019 4 pm. Location: April’s house (Location forthcoming)