Board Meeting Minutes September 18, 2019

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

Agenda: September 18, 2019


Present: April Downs, DJ Nolan, Marvin Russel, Dave DeRosa, Chuck Thies, Meredith Massey, Elizabeth Duffy, Dennis Alexander, Paul Wood


Apologies:  Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Stacy Smith, Mic Burns



Old Business (MMA)

  • Parking lot incident report follow up
    • Chuck will circulate draft emails


  • Finance
    • Queenstown is reviewing parking lot invoice
    • End of season report to come next meeting
  • Management
  • Physical Plant
  • Membership
    • Change August only membership to end-of-season membership
  • Co-op
    • Paul is now co-op chair
    • Oct 15 is deadline to complete co-op hours/Nov1 is deadline to request coop refund
  • Events
    • Moosejaw Bluegrass is playing for Octoberfest 5-8


New Business:


  • Postseason wrap-up
    • Need to increase communal feeling at pool (taking care of grounds)
    • How to create community atmosphere where members feel comfortable addressing problems with each other
    • Continuing discussions with Lighthouse re improvements
  • Survey
    • Send items to Meredith by COB Tuesday 24
    • Discussion of whether to include smoking on the survey


  • Facebook/communications- moved back to future business
  • Diversity and inclusion committee
    • Member-populated with board liaison
    • Purpose- to come up with ways to improve member relations and ameliorate member differences
    • Should we be anti-racist – what does that entail? (Given that we are a swimming pool). This should not take on a political agenda.
    • Perhaps use a program that has already been developed. Paul mentioned the army’s “consideration of others” idea
    • This is a culture issue that is larger- including co-op culture
    • Board needs to draft a charge for this committee



Future business: 


·         Restructure the Waiting List – get zip codes

·         Long-term plan for music on the grounds

  • Single-member hold fee change
  • Smoking policy
  • Lighthouse hiring policies check
  • Pay Data
  • Suggested to have pool managers come to the beginnings of all board meetings during the pool season. This will enable more direct communication between management and the board.
  • Diversity and inclusion committee
  • Board training/equity and inclusion training
  • Facebook/communications



Next meeting: October 3, 2019 7 pm