Board Meeting Minutes July 11, 2019

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

Minutes: July 11, 2019


Present: Elizabeth Duffy, April Downs, DJ Nolan, Meredith Massey, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Dave DeRosa, Dennis Alexander, Stacy Smith, Mic Burns, Chris Goff, Abebi Wolfe


Apologies:  Chuck Thies



Old Business (MMA)

  • Rain garden/drainage/sod update
    • There are raingardens
  • Bathhouse redesign – member survey questions
    • Mic and Chris will talk



  • Finance
    • All good
  • Management
    • Concerns about staff
      • Reported that too many kids congregate around the gate guard stand.
      • Life guards congregate at octagonal table
        • Reminder that lifeguards get breaks and work in the chair no more than 30 minutes/hour.
        • Discussion of culture of expectations around lifeguard duties at PG Pool.
    • Sports balls in pool
      • At discretion of lifeguards
    • Mid-season review of lighthouse employees
      • Underway
    • Lighthouse needs to update photos on front board (Stacey)
    • Chris is soliciting member with management experience to join management committee
  • Physical Plant
    • Repairs to swim team closet/door
      • This is a co-op job (DJ )
  • Membership
    • Party issue
      • Party conflicted with a home swim meet. Party host had a bad experience and is requesting a refund. Half refund granted.
      • In the future, make sure tables are set up at noon even during swim meets. Consider not having noon party slots available on home swim meet days.
    • Waitlist member issue
      • Mt Rainier resident signed up several years ago for waitlist. She was offered a spot in 2015. When she didn’t respond, she was subsequently removed from the waitlist. She would like to join. She will be offered an August membership and she will move to top of list for next year.
  • Co-op
  • Events
    •   Tent night is August 17.


New Business:

  • Smoking policy
    • Ayelet Hines presented a member petition (with 70+ member signatures) in support of instituting a no-smoking policy at the pool.
  • Salary data distribution (to discuss at next meeting)
  • Request for new stools, fan for gate guards- DJ will look at chairs. They already have fans.
  • Issues with recent music performance
    • Wild Anacostias left late and wouldn’t follow directions of staff (refused to get off diving board when asked repeatedly).
    • The Wild Anacostias are not allowed to play at the pool for the 2020 season. Dave will alert the events committee
  • Code officer visitation x2
    • Toddler pool backflow. Bruce has not fixed this.
    • There is a list of violations for this year. They must be addressed by August 8. They are being addressed (responded to or remediated) (DJ)
  • Member issue: racially insensitive language
    • A member made a formal complaint about another member who used inappropriate language with a guest.
    • In off-season, board will discuss how to deal with inappropriate language and behavior.
  • Robbery of gate guard
    • A gate guard was robbed walking to the metro after dark.
    • All are encouraged to get a ride to the metro or to satellite parking lot especially after dark.
  • Board elections
    • Succession planning
  • Staff parking
    • Ask staff to park in area near fire lane rather than in member parking lot.



Future business: 


·         Restructure the Waiting List – get zip codes

·         Long-term plan for music on the grounds

  • Single-member hold fee change
  • Lighthouse hiring policies check
  • Review guidelines for addressing inappropriate language and behavior



Next meeting: July 25, 2019