Board Meeting Minutes June 27, 2019

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

Minutes: June 27, 2019


Present: Elizabeth Duffy, DJ Nolan, Marvin Russel, Mary Melchior, Dave DeRosa, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Mic Burns, Abebi Wolfe

Absent: Stacy Smith

Apologies:  Chris Goff, Meredith Massey, April Downs


Old Business (MMA)

  • Camps – still need insurance cert from soccer camp and attendance roster.
  • Management Committee – leads on member with experience for committee, third board member? Not resolved.
  • Bates – trash is now being picked up as scheduled.



  • Finance – All good.
  • Management – N/A
  • Physical Plant—All OK. Groundswork appears to have improved matters.
  • Membership – Need to discuss cost of a lap swimmer purchasing an August membership. Dennis.
  • Co-op – N/A
  • Events – Need folks for July 4. No coin toss this year. Need to clean up properly after bands. Dave deR.


New Business:

  • Back-up internet for front gate computers when Comcast is down (see attached correspondence) – Board asked tech folks to come up with a proposal. DJN
  • Cabinet for cleaning supplies (request from staff, see attached correspondence) – No. Need to tidy office. DJN
  • Swim lessons – add one-week rate in addition to regular 2 week rate (from M.E. see attached correspondence) – Yes approved.
  • Ingress/egress for food trucks – Dave and Mary to transplant flowers to ease ingress.
  • Bids for bathhouse redesign – need to come up with our plans first. Mic and Chuck to come up with questions for a member survey for next meeting. 
  • Bike to pool day logistics and expenditures – use gate by propane shed.
  • Other correspondence – need to talk to managers re cleaning each evening/first thing in the AMs.
  • Code visit – a few items were highlighted: ventilation in the propane shed; smoke detectors in each room; signs on each door saying what is in the enclosed spaces. The agent will contact us and we will have 30 days to comply. 


Future business: 

  • Restructure the Waiting List – get zip codes
  • Long-term plan for music on the grounds
  • Single-member hold fee change
  • Smoking policy
  • Lighthouse hiring policies check


Next meeting: July 11, 2019




Re: Back-up internet

On Sun, Jun 16, 2019, 09:50 Gorav Seth wrote:

E) when Comcast has an issue, like yesterday, the guards use their phones as a hotspot which is awesome of them, but also ideally should not be necessary.  We may want to look into setting up a mobile hotspot as a backup option, perhaps for next year.  We could even make that the primary option w Comcast as a backup, as their bandwidth requirements are pretty low.  


Re: Cabinet

On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 10:43 AM Matthew Nolan wrote:

Also, as you know we keep all of our cleaning supplies in the office. It gets very cluttered in there with all the different people that use it. Would it be possible to get a cabinet, like the ones in the bathrooms but bigger, that we could keep somewhere else? That space could just be for our supplies that we use most. This could reduce clutter in the office and I think would make it easier for us to clean.

Re: Swim lessons
On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 5:15 PM M.E. Houston wrote:

Hi Chris and Stacy,
As session 1 ends and session 2 begins I wanted to touch base about an idea I had since registration this year has been pretty low even in the evenings. I have heard from more than one member that lessons don't work because of travel plans. Therefore I wanted to know if the board had an issue with offer week-long lessons for $50 instead of $75 for two weeks at a time. We would of course still run two-week lessons at the same price but I see this as an easy way to have more registration for the rest of the summer. I would appreciate you and the board's opinions on this as I see this as a viable option for sessions 3 and 4.
Thank you for your time, M.E. Houston


Other correspondence

LaurenO    Mon, Jun 24, 2:43 PM                     

 Hi Chris - 

I also would just like to make note that my family and I were the first to arrive this Saturday morning and I was very disappointed at the condition of the grounds.

There was trash everywhere and a large amount of lost and found items (hence my interest in assisting) I know you do not have control over the lost and found items as you can not control members leaving their items around but is there anyway to ensure that the pool staff is going around gathering lost and found items as well as trash control at the start of a shift on the weekend? 
I came back on Sunday and all of the lost  items were all still in the same locations (handing on fences, on the stage)

I know we are all responsible to keep the grounds clean but perhaps we need a soft reminder sent out to members to clean up after themselves, especially in the evenings.

Thank you so much!