Board Meeting Minutes May 27, 2019

PG Pool Board Meeting Minutes 5/27/2019

Present: Chris Goff, Meredith Massey, Mary Melchior, Abebi Wolfe, Dave DeRosa, Chuck Thies, Mic Burns, Liz Duffy, Dennis Alexander, DJ Nolan, April Downs, Marvin Russell


Absent: Stacey Smith


  1. Opening weekend tie-down
    1. Gate guard issues with log-ins
    2. On hold memberships—all taken care of
    3. Computer issues. One new computer has been purchased. A second may be needed.
    4. Email issues that will be taken care of by Chris Goff
    5. Padlocks and keys for water intake valve—will be taken care of by DJ
    6. PG Pool cards—must be located or re-ordered
    7. Volleyball net—Dave will buy new one
    8. Chris Goff has sent out an on-call calendar for board coverage throughout the summer.
    9. Umbrella issues—need to be weighed down


2. Membership meeting

    a. Agenda—see below

    b. Co-op shopping for meeting—Chris will put out a call


  1. Regular meeting time for summer.
    1. Every other Thursday at 7 pm beginning 6/13/19


  1. Community days: Dennis will send names of interested Mt. Rainier residents to DJ who will add them to the list.


  1. Guest passes for community fund raising. Approved


  • Future items
    •  Lighthouse pay data
    • Restructure the Waiting List – get zip codes
    •  Long-term plan for music on the grounds
    • Single-member hold fee change


Member Meeting June 1, 2019 4 pm

  • Financial report 
  • Membership report
  • State of the pool
  • Events update
  • Announcements:
    • Lightning policy
    • New guest policy
    • Beginning of new 5-year planning process
  • Lighthouse employment points of contact
  • Questions