Board Meeting Minutes May 5 2019

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

Agenda: May 5, 2019


Present: Chris Goff, Liz Duffy, April Downs, DJ Nolan, Meredith Massey, Marvin Russell, Abebi Wolfe, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies

Apologies: Mic Burns, Mary Melchior, Dave DeRosa, Stacey Smith


Old Business (MMA)

  • rain garden/drainage update
    • Installation is completed.
    • Sod to be installed in bare areas
  • Levee Update



  • Finance
    • Income taxes for 2016 and 2017 have been filed
  • Management
  • Physical Plant
    • Joe Kelly is fixing water heater
  • Membership
    • 95% renewal rate
    • 174 people moved off wait list (41 people joined)
    • 682 total memberships for 2019
  • Co-op
  • Events
    • BB is stepping down from the Events committee; Dave DeRosa will take over


New Business:

  • Proposed procedure for reconsidering a motion*
    • Approved for addition to Operations Manual
  • Committee Recruitment
    • Board should start recruiting people to take over key board roles. Succession planning.
    • Fliers will be posted
  • Final preparations for opening
    • 5/11, 5/18 and 5/27 workdays
  • Camps
    • No update
  • Community Day
    • We will have community days again this year every third Tuesday of the month. Notice will be sent to the people who attended last year.
    • Lighthouse will be notified 
  • Correspondence*
    • DJ, Chris and Stacey will respond in consultation with Bruce.
  • Issues at Thomas Stone
    • Principal is on leave due to recent controversy.
    • We will contact acting principal about the parking lot agreement


Future business: 

       Restructure the Waiting List – get zip codes

        Long-term plan for music on the grounds

  • Single-member hold fee change


Next meeting:  Will decide May 21 via email.


*Reconsidering a motion

1.       The Secretary will post meeting minutes to Members of the Board of Directors within 72 hours of the adjournment of a board meeting.

2.       A motion to reconsider may be made by a Member of the Board who voted on the prevailing side of the motion for any reason at all;

a.       The motion to reconsider may be made over email within 48 hours of receipt of the minutes of the previous Board meeting;

b.       To proceed, the motion must be seconded and agreed to by a majority of all Members of the Board via email within 24 hours of the motion being made.

3.       Once a motion to reconsider has been approved, the President of the Board of Directors will, at her/his discretion, allow for discussion and a vote via email or place the item on the agenda of the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors.

4.       Action items may only be reconsidered once.

5.       Motions that were approved unanimously may not be reconsidered