Board Meeting Minutes June 20, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: June 20, 2018
Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Chris Goff, Liz Duffy, Mic Byrne, Meredith Massey, Dennis
Alexander, Stacy Smith, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Abebi Wolfe.
Apologies: Mary Melchior.
Absent: Colin Strauss Riggs.
Physical Plant
Levee Update
New Business
 Code/Permitting
Three things missing: rodent barriers (installed), window in office (paned), 8 foot fence. For last
item, we need to review code – have been told that we need permit by current code enforcement,
was told by previous folks that we didn’t need it. May need a variance, rather than a permit, as
it’s over 6 feet. City is the one with the issue, but it’s a county rule. Gowen is in contact with
enforcement, but we may need to retain lawyer who specializes in property issues. DJ will talk to
McCandlish, who applied for and received previous permits. Need to resolve and apply for
variance application.
 Mt. Rainier Days for June, July, and August
About 25 families (~70 people) on waiting list have been interested in coming to open swim days.
Dates are fourth Tuesdays of June, July, and August
 Thomas Stone Elementary party, June 21
End of school year party tomorrow, may be up to 30 people here.
 Insects
Member has contacted us about organic bug solution that he says works, Capitol Mosquito
Control. Folks interested in checking out? Yes – DJ will check it out.
 Dropbox for PG Pool documents
Should centralize document digital document storage. Chris Gowen will send around invite to PG
Pool Dropbox that’s been previously set up, please place any relevant documents in there.
 Delegation
Gowen: Activities run by board members (such as work days) should be more spread out so not
concentrated in one person. Board should be approachable and sharing “outward facing”
responsibilities with members and community. Also need for transparency in board and pool
affairs, but also need for some amount of privacy to speak frankly.
 Fire lane parking
Chuck proposes spending $30-40 to put stakes and reflectors for the strip of land west of the fire
lane so that nobody parks there. Dennis has some available. Chuck and Dennis will take care of it.
Also, parking down at the very end of the lot that blocks egress route. Dennis suggests no parking
signs. Is it really a problem? Several board member say yes.
 Correspondence
Have covered most of correspondence in agenda item, but includes information on Mt. Rainier
government shake-up.
 Issue of being able to game PG Pool Bucks, loading a card without paying for it. Need to change
PoS software to end it, Stacy will also inform Bruce that this may have been practice with
 Stacy: Really wants to have a raft night. Staff is ok with it, would need more guards for the night.
Can do it one night in August, want to do it on weeknight, for only a couple of hours.
 Staff pictures? 2 people have that responsibility, with a June 30 deadline. Needs to be done earlier
than that next year.
Next Meetings: July 11, July 25, August 8, August 22
Future Agenda Items
 Second shelter?
 Look into new system for accepting checks during renewal (mid-season)