Board Meeting Minutes May 30, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc. 
Board Meeting
MINUTES: May 30, 2018
Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Mary Melchior, Meredith Massey, Dennis Alexander,
Chuck Thies, Liz Duffy.
Apologies: Marvin Russell, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Stacy Smith Colin. Strauss Riggs.
 Opening Weekend: The board approved an expense of $28 for the president’s unscheduled trip to
visit the principal of Thomas Stone in order to ensure that parking would be available for our
members. We had to repair a dodgy electrical circuit in the Bowlding Shelter, which led to its
temporary closure. Dave McCandlish and Joe Atkins organized the purchase of a new amp for the
front desk microphone system. Other than the weather being iffy, all else went well.
 The Board had a lengthy discussion about gate guards and instructions to Lighthouse about its
hiring policies. The president, vice president and management committee chair were asked to
have a call with Lighthouse to gain further insight into the process and report back to the full
 Attending Board Members completed and submitted the Conflict of Interest Policy.
 Party Guest List Sheet – the board approved the use of a list for party organizers to complete in
advance of their event.
 Some people are adding sitters for their teens – another parent or a friend on the waiting list –
should we do something about that? – President to admonish members to follow the spirit as well
as the letter of the rules.
Physical Plant
 The board approved the purchase of a new 65” TV.
 Member Meeting Agenda – President’s Report, Membership Report, Financial Report.
 We will offer August Memberships to the top 750 on the Waiting list and those who ask in
 Lap Lane Policy: Lap swimmers have exclusive access to the pool every morning except Opening
Day and the three/four dates that the Killer Whales have time trials or a home meet. The default
after that is two lanes, except when the pool is crowded and the manager or a board member may
instruct staff to remove one of the lanes. When the pool is extremely crowded both lanes may be
Finance/Co-op/Events/Levee Update
 n/a
Next Meetings:
 Wednesday June 6, 7:00pm.
Future Agenda Items
 Second shelter?
 Look into new system for accepting checks during renewal (mid-season)