Board Meeting Minutes May 19, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc. 
Board Meeting
MINUTES: May 19, 2018
Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Meredith Massey, Colin
Strauss Riggs, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies
Apologies: Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Stacy Smith
Absent: Liz Duffy
 Took in $401K through membership renewals and new members
 DJ and Stacy met with Bruce about lightning policy; a little push-back on new policy, but policy
is backed by national safety groups. Will post for the membership ASAP.
 10 gate guards hired
 Lauren will return as manager, Matthew deputy manager
Physical Plant
 Several workdays run, today’s a washout, still need to move tables on to grounds; may need to
delay moving new sand onto playground if ground does not dry up
 Fencing: was supposed to start on Thursday, but rained out. Will take two days to complete. Can
be done after opening – will build new fence then remove old fence.
 New stalls in women’s bathroom, new no-slip surface on both bathroom floors. New stalls will
soon be installed in men’s bathroom.
 Dumpster finally emptied
 New umbrella holders mostly installed
 Chuck: if we need a last minute evening workday, can be on grounds to open
 Update: 93% renewal rate (633 families). 43 new memberships – took 111 spots of the waiting
list. Had to deal with a few bad emails.
 Co-op jobs filled, may need more kitchen cleaners
 Update: calendar 99% confirmed, confirmed events up on webpage. Wide variety of things to do.
May add names of food trucks to the web page
 Food truck coordinator – Alana Smith: seems like a great fit for the job, looking into bringing
dessert truck for movie nights.
 Have had some complaints about noise level on music nights. Will monitor and work with bands
to keep volume to reasonable level
Levee Update
 Levee was supposed to start, company was contracted, but work has been put on hold for some
reason. Don’t know why.
New Business
 Swim lesson registration: Dennis got an email regarding when registration would happen. Zane
has taken over registration, will update webpage with information. Lessons will begin after June
 Co-op hours for swim team officials: Handful of swim team parents who’ve taken training to
become officials for swim events, would like to know if they can have co-op hours for working at
swim team events. Will try it for 2 years – will grant co-op hours to folks who have to take
trainings for official positions.
 Party rules: new rules – 1) may not book consecutive party slots on same day – may book 2
concurrent sessions, but not consecutive. Guests will have to leave after each the party for the
day. (35 people may attend each party slot). APPROVED 2) Must submit full list of party names
3 days in advance to the party coordinator. APPROVED 3) If you are organizing a party,
organizers may have up to two party guests who may arrive early and stay late to help with set-up
and breakdown. APPROVED
DISCUSSION: Meredith: should make it simple – party is 35 people. If we start getting into
nuance, people will find ways to get around them.
Also, need to limit gaming of party slots. Suggest for first two weeks, may only book one day for
parties (can book concurrent sessions). May be too late to implement for this year (can look into
for next year).
 Mailing parking permits: didn’t arrive in time to mail them, will need to run same program as last
year. Will do Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
 Pool opens Saturday at 11:30, Sunday and Monday at 10 AM. Closing late on Saturday and
Sunday (10:30 PM pool closing, 11 PM grounds). Will send out board coverage sign-up this
Next Meetings: Will start meetings after first weekend. Going to every other week starting on May 30 at
7 PM.
Future Agenda Items
 Second shelter?
 Look into new system for accepting checks during renewal (mid-season)
 New party rules to limit multiple party bookings on different days within first two weeks (may
only book party for one day in that time period)