Board Meeting Minutes October 22, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: October 22, 2017
Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Chuck Thies, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Colin Strauss Riggs,
Meredith Massey, Dennis Alexander, Stacy Smith
Apologies: Mary Melchior, Mic Byrne, Liz Duffy, Chris Gowen,
 Mic is talking with city to discuss drainage up the street that drains on to grounds.
 Chuck will get quote for wooden fence – will need to discuss where to place gate.
o Still no quote yet
 Security System
o Vivant came to evaluate, said they could not do: need to hardwire equipment, don’t have
that capacity yet, but will next year. Will put off installation until spring
 Closure on the trash situation
o Season long dispute with trash company, then transferred us to another trash company.
Still charging us for work they did not do. Charged us for dumpster we did not ask for.
Written record to contractor with DJ, Gowen, and Marvin. Will be with Bates for next
 Need board volunteers to take a lead on:
o Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin:
 Do we still need this? Will continue on case-by-case
o Restructuring the Waiting List/Zip Codes?: Chuck/Chris
 Include weekday membership option
 Re-up on waiting list. Gather data on zip codes, for at least data
 Need to make sure every effort is made to contact people; no purging of list.
o Party Coordinator: Mary. Will need to collect party lists, enforce party policy re: limits to
party attendees.
 Gate guard training needs to include party procedures and guest list checks
o Credit card fees are very high – discuss alternative forms of payment (direct
deposits/checks etc.)
 Paid a lot in credit card fees - >$10K in fees. (3% on each purchase).
 For membership fees – is there another way so we don’t have to pay fees?
Probably not.
 Is checking still an option? WAY too much of a time commitment,
processing and chasing. No, no, no.
o Need to tighten up/improve food trucks/ Draft new guarantee and FAQ for food trucks
 Need a board member for this job. Bebi says ok.
o Long-term plan for music on the grounds (including new structures, if necessary): Chuck
 Chuck likes music. Suggests dividing dates between shelter and the riser.
 Chuck will write proposal and send around for feedback.
 In the pipeline:
o Chris Gowen: Party/guest policy (Do children under 2 count for the guests allowed
figure?)/Guest pass packs (buy in advance, save money)/ Restructure weekend guest rules
for August?
o Closing Early: DJN to clarify policy in Operations Manual
 Work to do:
o Regrade northern and eastern edges of volleyball court/fix around irrigation boxes
o Dig rain garden in the swamp
o Fencearound toddler pool loose
o Mail parking permits in 2018
o Metal pipes in tables for umbrella holders
o Hang the hoses in bathrooms
o Conduit for front desk cables
o Sprinkler
o Fans in shelter
o Fix green cart
o Clear pavers of sand
o Clear far left sink in ladies of obstruction
o Repair microphones
o Repair metal tables
o Playground expansion (monkey bars)
o Four Square?
o De-rust bottom of lockers
o Label breaker board and switches in kitchen
o Fix light on pumphouse roof (Motion sensors)
o See which dead tree branches need to be removed in the spring
o Sort out our Yelp account
o Chris Gowen: Entrance way restructure/Bathroom stuff
 Purchase
o Clothes line
o Metal cage for computer/AED
o Buy new shade pop-ups
o Hose holders
o Propane Tanks
o More sand in playground
o Better whiteboard and easel
Physical Plant
Levee Update
New Business
 Meeting w/Lighthouse – Bonding
o Discussed behavior of manager, both positive and critical. No concrete plans out of the
o Stacy: We should be striving to have our kids come up into management, but we’re still a
few years away from that. Working with Lighthouse to achieve that.
o Also discussion of routine pool maintenance
o Will replace lights as they burn out with new LED lights.
o According to WSSA, our pool backflow is inadequate, is being fixed. ~$1K estimate
 Parking Lot:
o Have a couple bids back
 Outstanding payments from camps.
o Still waiting for payment for Joe’s
 Consider an additional day of later hours on Thursday
o Will open pool at 11 AM on weekdays, no late Thursday hours
 Community Outreach
o Actively advertising for swim-team memberships in Queenstown and surrounding area
and on local listservs.
o Partner with MNCPPC to allow kid camps from Mount Rainier Nature/Rec Center to
visit pool
o “Community” days during the week, where we open to the community for an afternoon
 Proposing five community days (Countdown to Splashdown, Octoberfest, and
monthly weekday afternoon)
 Stacy: need to take care of people trashing pool; need to recognize we do
outreach already; REALLY need to recognize that the kids who come
here for camps learn to swim.
 Bebi: Clarifies timing – three times for one day, during the week. We can
charge a fee, but should be in line with other pools.
 Meredith: still in favor of a weekday membership for local folks in the
 Chuck: Need to think about when schools are let out when scheduling;
 Chris: Include suggestion on weekday memberships in restructuring the
waiting list discussion
 Will take these actions to discuss with local pols re: community service
 Proposed New Lightning policy (Thunder delay/Adult Swim):
We follow a variation onnationally recommended guidelines from the National Lightning Safety
Institute, the Red Cross and the National Weather Service. We clear the pools on hearing thunder
and ask members and their guests to take cover when lightning is seen. We then wait 30 minutes
after the last detected thunder or lightning before resuming normal pool activities. (This is a
recent change from our original policy of waiting 60 minutes.) Policy is actually more nuanced:
o When thunder and/or lightning are first noticed, use the Flash-To-Bang (F-B) method to
determine its rough distance and speed. This technique measures the time from seeing
lightning to hearing associated thunder. For each five seconds from F-B, lightning is one
mile away. Thus, a F-B of 10 = 2 miles; 15 = 3 miles; 20 = 4 miles; etc. After thunder is
heard, the pools should be evacuated. At a F-B count of thirty, the grounds should be
o Talked to Bruce about this nuance, and he said he’d be amenable to incorporating this
into next year. Will now require thunder to be heard and lightning seen in order to close
pool. Will ameliorate most complaints.
o Passes unanimously, will clearly post policy on pool grounds
 Replace toilet stalls in both bathrooms?
o Something we may need to do soon anyways – getting rusting around bolts/edges. Will
cost ~$12-15K, don’t have to do all at once. Can consider especially if we don’t do
Next Meetings: February 2018
Future Agenda Items
 Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin – post season
 Community Outreach - postseason
 Restructuring the Waiting List
 Closing Early: DJN to clarify policy in Operations Manual
 Mailing parking permits in 2018 – postseason
 Long-term plan for music on the grounds – postseason
 Review guest policies and party policies: 8 guests/day or at a time; 8 guests per member or
membership? Wrist bands for guests and parties – postseason
 Second shelter?