Board Meeting Minutes April 22, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc. 
Board Meeting
MINUTES: April 22, 2018
Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Liz Duffy, Mic Byrne,
Apologies: Mary Melchior, Meredith Massey, Colin Strauss Riggs, Dennis Alexander, Chris Gowen,
Chuck Thies
Absent: Stacy Smith
No quorum, information meeting only.
Finance – Marvin
~$379K collected through membership renewal
Credit card fees through renewal process ~$5K
Option for checks if we take routing information, $1/check
Do we need a two-day (6 hour) front-desk training when current training amounted to recounting
of issues from previous years? Need training, but should only be two hours
Bruce looking way for way to weed out applicants from really big applicant pool
At least 20 of whom are PG pool kids, + 20 outside applicants). With big number of in-pool
applicants, do we need to consider outside applicants?
Physical Plant
Membership (Dennis via email)
92% renewal rate, 50 memberships open. Dennis following up with non-renewals to find out
reasons. Have alerted first 50, have until midnight 4/22 to respond – 19 responded. 16 “hold
Correspondence: 41 on membership not in town this year. Need to pay for hold.
Events committee meeting April 25. Have a volunteer for food truck coordinator.
Halloween event? Could use it as community engagement event. Look into it!
Levee Update
New Business
 Parking lot refurbishment: no permit needed for milling/repaving of existing lot. Asked for
updated bid from previous bidder (still waiting to receive proposal). Asked if work could be done
second week of May – contractor can, should take a week. Parking contract with Queenstown
ends on May 15. At this point, we may need to push into September, unless we can work out
something with apartments to deal with contract. If we defer, do we re-explore doing re-design?
 Fence: Can’t get fencing to match with other companies, may need to use same fencing co.
 Workday update: 4 workdays so far. 75 tables now. 5 more before opening.
 Television (permanent?): Security issues with television. Like ad hoc nature of TV events.
 Correspondence
 LP signed up for lap membership, but does not swim in morning. Wants to know
if she can do swim membership at night. No, lap swim AM only option
 NW wants to teach pilates classes in lieu of co-op work. We try to make co-op
benefit pool, rather than a small section of membership. She can teach pilates, but
cannot charge.
Next Meetings: May 6, 2018
May 20, 2018
Future Agenda Items
 Mailing parking permits in 2018
 Second shelter?
 Look into new system for accepting checks during renewal (mid-season)