Board Meeting Minutes February 11, 2018

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: February 11, 2018
Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Chuck Thies, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Liz Duffy, Chris Gowen,
Colin Strauss Riggs, Mic Byrne, Meredith Massey, Stacy Smith,
Apologies: Mary Melchior
Absent: Dennis Alexander
 Bulge in pool lining observed 2/11; Kitchen was left open and light on from Xmas Tree burning
 Trash people still looking for money for services not rendered – ongoing
 Update on new wooden fence – meeting with contractors for bids in next few weeks, will be same
height as fence on other side (10’)
o Will also need to reevaluate placement of gate
 City wants re-engineered plans for parking lot repaving, still need permits, still need workable
bids. May need to go in on plans, do phased parking lot improvements. Fully engineered cost
$40K. Have approached several engineering firms, none have been interested in doing the work,
only one bid for the work. We want to regrade, drain into rain garden, repave. Will make reaches
for additional engineering firms to ask to bid
 Party coordinator
o Music plan
o Party guest policy
o Closure policy
 Outstanding camp payments resolved? Yes.
 Community outreach follow-up: will meet prior to April 15 meeting to brainstorm outreach
 Replace bathroom stalls – getting pricing on new stalls, handyman can install for ~$2,400
Physical Plant
Co-op: Would like to add IT/tech team to deal with computer systems. Would also like to run conduits to
cables for the front desk. Chris G. will learn tech.
Levee Update: Levee project is getting underway in next 3-4 months, on-going for next 2 months, will
impact 34 th St. and Arundel Rd. traffic patterns, parking, etc.
New Business
 Swim Lessons: Stacy and Gowen will get together to make some tweaks to the swim lesson
program. Also need to look at times for scheduling; size of groups for group lessons and ratios of
instructors/students; swim lessons are separate line from other staff in Lighthouse budget
 Lights on grounds: McCandlish will lead team to light additional trees
 Pre-season improvements: see attached plan
 Music: Parameters for hiring bands the same this year? Lonnie wants bands to play in the new
shelter (staff also do not want bands back in the old spot as well). How many dates? 8, same
budget. We are not committing to placement in the pavilion yet
 Cashless front desk.
 Policy for Lighthouse on hiring gate guards: 32 applicants for 10-13 positions. No need to
micromanage hiring process – Lighthouse has a mandate to hire best people for the job. We may
be able to take on new people in the later part of the season to give them experience.
 Correspondence:
o Lap swimmer asking about swim lessons – it’s cool
o Camp asking for camp 2-3 days a week for 75 kids, no.
Next Meetings: March 4, 2018
Future Agenda Items
 Mailing parking permits in 2018
 Second shelter?