Member Meeting 6-9-18

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Member Meeting

MINUTESJune 9, 2018


Meeting called to order at 4:03


PGP Board president DJ Nolan welcomes folks to first 2018 meeting, other board members present introduce selves.


Financial report: Little bit out of date because Treasurer is out of town. Took in >$400K for membership. Expecting more for August memberships. Includes lap swim memberships, but not swim team memberships. Money still coming in from small parties. Swim team income surplus gets put back into swim team, bought them new lane lines (applause). Major expense is Lighthouse and pool upkeep. $510K in bank accounts. Expect another $130K. Expecting $400k in expenses, $240K balance. $150K of that balance is for the Rainy Day Fund. Leaves us Capital Expenditures balance of $90K, which will allow us to repave parking lot and most pay in cash, rather than finance.




Are accounts at different institutions? We have two accounts at SECU, another at PNC


State of the Pool:

Two major improvements – stalls in bathrooms (both ladies and mens), floors painted with concrete paint, application has been inconsistent, we’re working on improving.


Doing outreach to local community, include “Mt. Rainier Days” where, for guest fee, Mt. Rainier residents can swim at pool. Have done outreach to Nature Center to offer to host camps. 


Have placed out “bug catchers” as pesticide free way to reduce biting flies. Have we contemplated spraying grounds for mosquitos after rainiest May in DC history? Yes, but skeptical about results.


Have attempted to do flood mitigation, results inconclusive based on how much it has rained. Volleyball court improvements a big part of that, including barrier around the court.


Fence – Has been on improvement agenda for 3 or 4 years. Same as fence on west side of bathhouse and along western perimeter. Permit issues: were told by the county and city that we didn’t need one because of distance from the property line. New inspector disagrees with interpretation that we previously had, so we obtained one, there has been confusion about what is needed, but we are complying as best we can based on information we have.


Membership – Had 93% renewal rate, 42 new memberships. Took 126 folks off waiting list (which was over 2,000 before then). Waiting list is currently at 2,012. Have 19 lap swim memberships. Question: Swim team memberships? Will discuss shortly.


First tent night June 23.


Swim team: Helen Searls, team manager – swim team is BEST EVER! Top seed of Division C, biggest team in league, have 180 team members! New streamlined registration, able to manage own budget, which is >$15K. Have swim team only memberships, wanted to make sure community members had opportunity to be part of the team. Had to apply criteria, including how long they’ve been on waiting list, how old kids are. Did outreach to Queenstown Estates Apartments – started 3 years ago, had our first team membership from there this year.


Can swim team wait until after 5 PM to set up? Lighthouse sets up lanes right now, will check with them to see if that’s possible. Lauren: we do it during adult swim because guards are available, and pool is clear so it takes less take time. Yes, it takes 25 minutes to set up. There is a process to set up that makes it as efficient as possible and keeps equipment intact.


Can we make sure that when pool is empty that we have two lap lanes? Lap swimmers have exclusive access for two hours a day, 2 lanes for most other times, one lane when too crowded and in extremely busy times, we will remove the lap lanes (very rare). We need to maximize space for safety reasons. Can there be emailswhen both lap lanes are taken out? Yes.


Question time:


Volleyball improvements seem to have been done without membership discussion. Understand why we did it, but volleyball crowd isn’t so keen on it. Advocates for better sand.  Board will take into consideration and will look at alternatives. Not a big expense of money or time.


Second ping-pong table? Tables just have not been pulled out yet, needs repair. But we will make sure ping-pong is available.


Do we need parking passes for school? We have been asked by school to display them. PG Pool will not be checking or enforcing. Guests should put photo copy of pass in windshield (will work at school, but not in main lot).


Issue about gate guard hiring: discussion of hiring process. Only 10 guards hired, some who were hired from outside of pool membership. Request to hire from inside the pool community as a preference in hiring. Feels that it’s wrong not to rehire unless there are cases of egregious malfeasance. 
A: Lighthouse is the biggest expense, and we are Lighthouse’s largest pool. Our pool has the highest number of applicants for jobs, and the most involved ownership in management decisions. Board tasked Lighthouse with designing a more rigorous hiring process to hire best folks available for jobs. Familiarity with pool community is a positive for hiring, but other criteria important as well to Lighthouse. We do ask Lighthouse to provide a sort of professional development for pool employees. We are hands-off on Lighthouse hiring decisions, but do work with them to set criteria.

Can we ask them to hire 10 best from the pool? 

We are also a local business and local employer – we shouldn’t be so closed off to community members who are also competent. We shouldn’t be “us first”.

Local kids working are also available for shifts on short notice. 

Should look at screening, because a good gate guard was not rehired – that suggests a problem with the test/interview process.

Should also see if there is an economic reason that Lighthouse is hiring less experienced gate guards based on pay-scale.

Opposition to restricting/prioritizing kids of members for hiring – an opinion that it’s elitist, and there are issues with having a kid hired at their second home. Also opens board up to constant requests for intervention.

DJ: Probably not an issue with Lighthouse trying to save money. Our glut of applications is because we pay well and it’s a good job.

Has determination been made about staying open past Labor Day? We will stay open the two weekends past Labor Day.

Would pool be amenable to doing water safety/familiarization program for Thomas Stone kids during the school year? We would be amenable, would need school parents to also help push. We are also hosting a party for Thomas Stone teachers.

Issue of six hours of training for gate guards without any pay. Again, board will reevaluate process. 

Will folks who aren’t hired told why? Some haven’t.

We are reevaluating assessment process, a number of things to take into account, but member safety and membership experience is the highest priority.

There is a mid-season evaluation of staff being implemented.

Please be nice to community members in Mt. Rainier, you are ambassadors for the pool. 


Fence seems uninviting (caveat that previous fence was unattractive). Also safety issue with lack of visibility. Is there a way we can improve visibility and possibly make it more attractive? 

A: There are aesthetic improvements – curbside view is more consistent and attractive. Give it some time and lets revisit. (There is a member volunteer who’d help with visibility).

Boon: Fence cuts down on carlights in the eyes at night.


Levee: Raising levee and adding to earth berm. City announced the County would be starting, provided notification, but all notification disappeared shortly thereafter, there’s been no explanation for why. Unfortunate, because we want to improve grounds near levee, but have to wait until levee project is done.

Have we considered other materials for fence? Yes, but none seem viable.


Do parking lot improvements include new configuration (parking on west lawn), and will pool members have feedback? Old plan is not long on the table, but will revisit.

Meeting adjourned at 5:18 PM.