Board Meeting Minutes September 24, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

WEB MINUTES: September 24, 2017


Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Liz Duffy, Chris Gowen, Colin Strauss Riggs, Meredith Massey,

Apologies: Stacy Smith

Absent: Dennis Alexander, Mic Byrne



Parking contract with Thomas Stone ES signed and in effect until 2019.



Finance: Less membership fees and co-op fees this year. Lost some large memberships that impacted finances. Co-op fees down $10K, membership fees down $7K. Swim lesson income down. Made money on drinks, broke even on ice cream. Expenses remained stable, but revenue down $30k. Co-op refunds are currently ~$30k, does not count refunds that will happen in October (budgeted for $50K). Finalizing contract with apartments for offseason parking. Still outstanding payments from camps.

Will get members who can help with front desk Point of Sale set up to fill in for Dave McCandlish.

Chuck suggest raising regular ice cream price to $1.50. Will look at pricing at $1.25.



Physical Plant




Levee Update


New Business

  • Season overview: Everything seems to have gone well. Injury to a child on the final weekend. Front desk moved smoothly, especially on finances; staff was good. Special shout-out to Amabel and Osage for stepping up. Deck staff was also great. Take up for final weekends a little slack, but otherwise great.

    Chuck: may want to pare back to one bonus weekend. Wirebrush injury – immediate lifeguard attention, 911 called. Response on site was fantastic.

    Will have new cleaning utensils for next year.

    May need a “use at your own risk” sign around grills.

    Wettest summer in a while – don’t want to judge shape of grounds on atypical year. Mic is talking with city to discuss drainage up the street that drains on to grounds. May also want to consider slight regrading of the volleyball court, as well as place rain garden in the swamp.

  • Post-season staffing wrap-up: Should probably have Stacy for this conversation. Heard some complaints from parents of staff about one of the managers. Also, come concern from gate guard parents about inconsistency in scheduling and concerns around early dismissal. Stacy raised issue with manager.

    May want to consider pre-season meeting with parents of staff, Bruce, board member to go over expectations, policies regarding employment.

    Will talk with Bruce about guaranteeing a minimum pay for being dismissed from shift.

  • Party policy: Gowen will write up a policy, but board feedback first -

    Need to enforce rules.

    Party area (if we buy pop up tents for shade) would make party policy enforceable by Lighthouse

  • Parking lot update: working with member to find architectural firm who can do plans for less than $40K.

  • Security: consultant did not pay attention to what Gowen said. Revisit.

  • Wood fence: Chuck – thinks that people wanting to see their cars is an overrated concern. Wood fence would be more attractive; Could improve security, eliminate people being high-beamed from folks in parking lot at night. Chuck will get quote – will need to discuss where to place gate.

    Unrelated: fence around toddler pool was broken, children can get through.

  • Correspondence: Suggestion to provide mid-week memberships – overwhelming consensus is against. “Guest pass” pack – buy in advance, save money (should consider).

    Fewer complaints about parking.

    750 people on peak days using internet.

    In violation of one plumbing regulation, will fix.

    Will open main pool earlier next year at 11 AM.

    Will talk about skipping adult swim upon reopening pool after thunder/lightning closures.

  • Schedule for off-season board meetings: Last year – met in October, skipped through February. Do again? Yes.

    Octoberfest on 7th  (Some food for sale, also potluck, with band 4-8 PM, band starts at 5 PM. Workdays on 8th and 14th.


Next Meetings: Sunday, October 22 at 4 PM (Mary Melchior sends regrets).  


Future Agenda Items

  • Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin

  • Community Outreach

  • Restructuring the Waiting List

  • Closing Early: DJN to clarify policy in Operations Manual

  • Mailing parking permits in 2018

  • Long-term plan for music on the grounds

  • Review guest policies and party policies: 8 guests/day or at a time; 8 guests per member or membership? Wrist bands for guests and parties

  • Second shelter?

  • Guest pass packs (buy in advance, save money)