Board Meeting Minutes August 16, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: August 16, 2017


Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Abebi Wolfe, Chris Goff, Stacy Smith, Liz Duffy, Chris Gowen, Colin Strauss Riggs, Dave McCandlish, Mic Byrne

Apologies: Meredith Massey, Andrew Farrington, Dennis Alexander.




  • Events Tem redit card – approved. Will take care of next year.

  • Parking: Signed contract 3 weeks ago, principal says the signed, now with PGPS. Still not “official”, contract for remainder of summer (once official), and next two years


Finance: No out of ordinary expenses for the year, have surplus of $65,400 (budgeted $73,400)


Management: Few staffing issues around scheduling, still need to tighten up; may have a “parent orientation” about expectations and how Lighthouse manages. Some folks on the board have concerns about the advisability of this orientation. Will post scheduling process somewhere. When staffing cuts happen due to weather, gate guards will go first for safety reasons. Lighthouse hosted crabfest for staff.

Need to make sure managers are aware if lifeguards are cutting kids swim short.


Physical Plant: May be issue with the pump, but still working. Will look at after end of season.


Membership: Will offer September weekends (NOT Labor Day) to August members. Suggest for future years, make it standard in the August memberships.




Events: Matt and Rachel coordinating tent night for this Saturday, August 19. Labor Day weekend events, making sure we have volunteers to run the events.  

Jennifer Mendenhall has written a play based on the desegregation of pool that is being read at Kennedy Center on Monday, September 4 at 1 PM.


Levee Update


New Business

  • Member meeting agenda

    Financial report; Off-season Improvements; Member report (on August memberships); Elections;

  • Monkey bars

    Have bid for monkey bars $4K for equipment, $3K for installation. Will just buy and install ourselves, will extend playground towards sandbox.

  • Food delivery using pool number as point of contact

    Three different members used pool number as point of contact for delivery, Lauren had to walk tables looking for who’s order. Can’t happen. Will add note in events email.

  • Kids damaging soap dispensers

    Three kids damaging dispensers. Have identified two of them. Will talk to parents, let them know that future damage will be charged to family. Need to develop explicit policy to fine people for damage. Alternative: make kids who damage do “community service.”

  • Repeat offender with staff re: lightning policy

    Liz had to have Lauren’s back again for member who was cranky about policy (even when lightning was clearly evident). 5th or 6th incident with the member this summer. DJ will talk to him.

  • Parking lot

    No progress. Bid solicitations going out by end of the month.

    Current proposal. Grade two inches of, slope for drainage, resurface.

    One vendor has proposed $84K for repaving lot and curb work for drop-off. This is without seeing design and permitting. Would likely start in March, 6 weeks of work.

    Do concrete for new work, asphalt for existing lot?

    Landscape work?

  • Drainage issues

    Had a lot of water this year, but repaving and rain garden creation has essentially channeled work from street directly onto pool grounds, into old teen area and into parking lot. Very little drainage going into rain garden. Could raise skirt in emergency driveway to divert water. May want to consider re-angling roof drainage, clean pave-drains, solve sand clog problem, volleyball court drains into “swampy” area on grounds. Need to reslope volleyball court, may want to consider installing our own rain garden in swampy area (using a professional landscaper). But need to seriously consider how we’re dealing with drainage in off-season.

    Should also consider contacting Mt. Rainier regarding how changes have impacted property. Mic suggest approaching city to suggest joint project for improvements to address problem, since we’re improving parking lot.

  • Correspondence

    Will not be reconsidering the smoking policy.

    Dana Grabiner taking lead in dealing with City Council

  • Should talk with folks who run the soccer league re: parking, pot-smoking in park



Next Meetings: Sep. 24 at 4pm


Future Agenda Items

  • Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin – postseason

  • Community Outreach - postseason

  • Restructuring the Waiting List

  • Closing Early: DJN to clarify policy in Operations Manual

  • Mailing parking permits in 2018 – postseason

  • Long-term plan for music on the grounds – postseason

  • Review guest policies and party policies: 8 guests/day or at a time; 8 guests per member or membership? Wrist bands for guests and parties – postseason

  • Second shelter?

Draft new guarantee and FAQ for food trucks