Board Meeting Minutes July 5, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: July 5, 2017


Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Chris Goff, Dennis Alexander, Liz Duffy, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Colin Strauss Riggs, Meredith Massey, Stacy Smith, Abebi Wolfe, Andrew Farrington,

Apologies: Dave McCandlish,




  • Conflict of interest policy – ALL SIGNED

  • Events credit card – approved. Bebi to meet with Marvin (will talk tonight)

  • Meredith will take pictures for bulletin board – some missing.

  • Parking – school has not yet come through; Queenstown shopping plaza? – Queenstown “thinking about” letting us use space behind the Dunkin Donuts. Will be policed based on parking passes. Issue temporary parking passes for parties w/$10 deposit (or print off one-day pass w/out deposit). With respect to school, lawyers checking on the lot to assess for some reason or another.

  • Refunds for Swim Team membership dropouts

    • $25 fee, 2-week cancellation period (DJ/Marvin/Tanya)

  • AED? Lightouse has taken care of it.

  • Fixing sand issues: mini work-day to fix sand issues, will see how that works.

  • Special event idea - Adult’s only “A Night on the Riviera” – going nowhere

  • Made $300+ in cash on 4th July food, not counting Square sales. Don’t know expenses

  • Still need food volunteer for Poolapalooza

  • Tent night, August 19.

  • Food truck guarantee & FAQs – Bebi trying to track down for distribution, DJ to talk to Jen Z. 3 food trucks have cancelled.

  • Hooks in shelter – agreed. DMC to talk to Peter

  • Maintaining supplies for court games

    • Replacement shuffleboard set has arrived

    • Bocce should be kept at front desk, Stacy will work with staff re: check-out. People need to give member number for check-out. Stacy checking to see how member number for checkout is recorded. Could also record on white board.




  • No issue in using Clorox for cleaning scumlines, but will look into alternative cleaning abrasives

  • Some confusion about events/closings, etc. at front desk. Can we use whiteboard to advertise events, etc? Yes.

Physical Plant

  • Waiting on installation of new pump – installed, making a fun noise, but working fine. Will rebuild whole pump in off-season

  • Loose hand-rail on pool stairs have been fixed


  • August memberships sent out mid-July.

  • August rule – goes to first 500 people on the waiting list and to those who request it.



Levee Update


New Business

  • Member treatment of staff

    Instances of members being belligerent over last few years, including over this past weekend. Need to reiterate to members that members do not have the right to question policy when invoked by staff/be abusive towards staff (Mic suggests single-topic email). Mic , also suggests stronger sanctions for being abusive to staff.

    Staff should not have to deal with questions of policy.

    Can we do staff training? Stacy: they’ve been trained, but could probably use more. They’re young and need practice.

    DJ will send out email

  • Lightning policy redux

    Gowen: did research on other pool policies, and best practices at other pools. Other pools/clubs use sensors, others use an app that alerts. National Lightning Institute, Red Cross have standards that we abide by.

    Chuck: Lighthouse has complete autonomy over pool. Proposes alerting members of lightning spotted, but leave them to discretion on leaving grounds

    DJ: not necessarily opposed, but we would be the only pool doing that. We currently follow practices used by all pools Lighthouse management.

    DJ – proposes tabling conversation until postseason – not fair to Lighthouse to change policy in mid-season. Need to do research, and have proposal ready to go that Lighthouse will enforce before we enter into 2018 contract.

  • Parklawn pool wants to advertise to our waiting list, will pay a finder’s fee. Will send out w/out finder’s fee.


Next Meetings: July 19, Aug. 2, 16 & 30, all at 7pm


Future Agenda Items

  • Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin – post season

  • Community Outreach - postseason

  • Mid-July: Review nonmember swim lesson program

  • Restructuring the Waiting List

  • Closing Early: DJN to clarify policy in Operations Manual

  • Mailing parking permits in 2018 – postseason

  • Long-term plan for music on the grounds – postseason

  • Review guest policies and party policies: 8 guests/day or at a time; 8 guests per member or membership? Wrist bands for guests and parties – postseason

Lightning policy – immediate post-season to craft before 2018 Lighthouse contract