Board Meeting Minutes June 7, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: June 7, 2017


Present: DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Dave McCandlish, Dennis Alexander, Stacy Smith, Liz Duffy, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne.

Apologies: Colin Strauss Riggs, Meredith Massey, Abebi Wolfe,




  • Conflict of interest policy – to be signed by Opening Day

  • Events credit card – approved. Bebi to meet with Marvin

  • Meredith will take pictures for bulletin board – to come

  • Parking – school has not yet come through: may go to Queenstowne shopping plaza parking lot to see about getting a deal for parking.

  • Paying off the roof loan – approved and PAID OFF

  • Inspections (city & county) – approved. Had a few improvements to make for city, have both certificates.

    Mic – where is AED? Stacy – we should have two. Need to get them on site. Lighthouse needs to take care of that.

  • Food truck guarantee & FAQs – need to see FAQs. Bebi trying to track them down for distribution to trucks.

  • Special event idea - Adult’s only “A Night on the Riviera” – sure and a raft night? – tabled for another meeting

  • Meeting with the city: met with city manager. Began asking questions about demographics of the pool, (DC, median income). Mt. Rainier inspector also asked for meeting.

  • We need a no swimming allowed sign or signs posted when pool is not open – needed. [Need other signs as well]


Finance – Marvin

Please see documents distributed via email by Marvin

Reports are generated for the members’ meeting.

Profit/loss report; comparisons between current transactions and previous year;

Some corrections to accounting for capital improvements need to be made prior to presentation.

If interested, stick around after meeting to come up with membership meeting report


Have been consistent in staffing gate, which has increased time to entry. Stacy will be paying attention on weekends during June/July on gate situation. Cleaning – please report on any problems to give feedback to staff – emails to Stacy would be valuable. Incident reports also go to Stacy (all have been broken umbrella holders)

Physical Plant

Waiting to see on installation of new pump




Levee Update

Gowen will reach out to county before membership meeting for update


New Business

  • Member Meeting

    • Rather than start off with state of the pool, will answer questions on finance and membership.

    • State of pool: improvements; paying off  loan; parking (including at school); looking to redo parking lot in off season; pre-season reminders reminder; ice – don’t fill your cooler; new swim coach & swim-team bric-a-brac

  • Restricting egress at the gate*

    • Member has requested a gate to prevent special needs children from leaving

    • No ADA requirement for gate

    • Doesn’t seem like a practical request

    • Does not seem like a fix that we can do this year

  • Early June: check back with morning lap swimmers to document unauthorized people at lap swim, revisit need for morning gate guard when we have more info

  • Group Swim Lessons – starting on 6/26, will be announced shortly

  • Kids’ Triathlon: August 26 @ 3 PM (rain date, August 27)?

  • Location for Bands*

    • Concern that sound from band could drown out staff announcements over loudspeaker or lifeguard whistles/instructions – safety concerns

    • Mary also points out concern about visibility from guard shack to kid’s pool

    • Bands every weekend, means that pavilion unavailable for member use during weekends

    • Sand area can be cleaned at old stage

    • Should have a bigger conversation about music at the pool where we can do it, have pool safe, have people be able to enjoy

    • Should also consider how music projects onto grounds and to neighborhood

    • New sand area makes it problematic for instrument storage (there are ways we can mitigate)

    • Did not build pavilion for a band

    • Can also relocate stage onto different part of bath house, plus temporary risers

  • Correspondence

    • Complaint about cold water: responded that no, we’re not warming the water without the sun

    • Private lessons for neighborhood kids at certain hours

    • Mosquito traps/fly catchers – should give them a try

      • Related – MD spraying entire state for mosquitos carrying Zika. Must opt out.

    • Waiver request for 1 month household fee – just told them to get a babysitter fee.

    • Guest parking at pool: currently allowed before 4 PM. May need to reassess. Also, need to start calling for towing for post-4 pm non-tag parkers.

      • Chuck recommends for next Board meeting reassessing non-member parking exemption on weekends

    • Need to make sure co-op members checking off permits – may need to mail before the season next year.

  • New Ping-Pong Sand area issues

    • Covering band area, being dragged into dressing room, kid pool. May need to take out some sand immediately, put different ground covering next year.

  • Maintain supplies for bocce, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard

    • Should we have check-out system for different games?

      • Check out for bocce, shuffleboard?

      • $100 for replacement pieces for shuffleboard.

      • Bocce should be kept at front desk

      • Will look for storage rack for shuffleboard

      • Should have checkout next year for accountability for equipment

  • Repost “no alcohol in refrigerators” policy on refrigerators

    • DJ will put signs up

  • Fix kitchen doors to prevent slamming

    • Will put device on to dampen sound

    • Lots of reasons not to do child locks on the kitchen door

    • Need to police the “no kids under 10 in the kitchen” – bring it up at members meeting; in newsletter

Next Steps for the Next Meeting

Future Agenda Items

  • Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin – post season

  • Community Outreach

  • Mid-July: Review nonmember swim lesson program

  • Restructuring the Waiting List

  • Long-term plan for music on the grounds

Next Meetings: June 21, July 5 & 19, Aug. 2, 16 & 30, all at 7pm


Workdays: Co-op Jobs: Bench/Ping-Pong table/trim for shuffleboard/set up for member meeting/Umbrella holders