Board Meeting Minutes June 21, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: June 21, 2017


Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Andrew Farrington, Dave McCandlish, Dennis Alexander, Stacy Smith, Liz Duffy, Mic Byrne, Meredith Massey.

Apologies: Chris Goff, Colin Strauss Riggs, Abebi Wolfe,



  • Conflict of interest policy – Meredith’s is outstanding.

  • Events credit card – approved. Bebi to liaise with Marvin

  • Meredith will take pictures for bulletin board

  • Parking – school has not yet come through: Stacy to see the principal. DJ will go to Queenstown shopping plaza to see if we can park there.

  • Food truck FAQs – need to see FAQs. Bebi trying to track them down for distribution to trucks.DJ to ask JenZ

  • Maintain supplies for bocce, basketball, volleyball, shuffleboard

    • $100 for replacement pieces for shuffleboard – Chris Gowen.

    • Bocce should be kept at front desk: Stacy to liaise with staff re check out




Physical Plant

Waiting on installation of new pump – Ken

Stairs loose – Bruce




Levee Update


New Business

  • Location for Bands – the board passed Lonni’s suggestion below in Correspondence.

    • Hooks in shelter – agreed – DMC to talk to Peter.

  • Fixing sand issues

    • Chuck proposed a workday to send the sand back to whence it should stay. Mary to run on Saturday.

  • Group/Private Swim Lessons – starting on 6/26.

    • Need to liaise with the board re in future re launch and letting members know.

  • Closing Early

    • DJN to clarify the policy in the Operations Manual  

  • Reassess nonmember parking exemption on weekends

    • No parking on the weekend for nonmembers from 4pm on Friday through Sunday closing. DJ to write to members.  

  • Refunds for Swim Team membership dropouts

    • $25 fee. Two-week cancellation period. DJ/Marvin/Tanya. DJN/HS to enter into protocols and rules for next year.

  • Revisit need for morning gate guard for lap swim

    • Leave it alone. Ain’t broke. Stacy will check with morning life guard.

  • Correspondence

    • Oversubscribed party must pay guest fees for excess guests.

Future Agenda Items

  • Specific policy on allowing former members to rejoin – postseason

  • Community Outreach

  • Mid-July: Review nonmember swim lesson program

  • Restructuring the Waiting List

  • Mailing parking permits in 2018

  • Long-term plan for music on the grounds

  • Review guest policies and party policies: eight guests a day or at a time/guests per member or membership?/wrist bands for guests and parties

  • Sand in the ping pong area

  • Adult’s only “A Night on the Riviera” and a raft night

Next Meetings July 5 & 19, Aug. 2, 16 & 30, all at 7pm






We have three swimmers from three families who signed up for the team and then decided not to swim with in the first week of the season. Two of them have asked for refunds.


We have one sibling of a team member who signed up and does not want to swim and the parents have also asked about a refund for the difference between an individual and family membership.


I have said we do not routinely give refunds BUT I have also said it is up to the board.


Can you please discuss, and tell me what you decide. 


Thank you so much





"This summer, we are holding concerts in the Bowlding Pavilion. We find it superior to the former stage for many reasons, particularly the acoustics.

We invite members to hang out in the Pavilion before, during and after the musical performances. We'll be reserving the back of the Pavilion for the band and sound mixer, but the rest of the Pavilion is available for regular usage with picnic tables and chairs. And the dance floor is open and you're invited to show us your stuff! 

We need to start setting up about 2 hours before the music starts. Gigs are about 3 hours with set breaks, and it then takes about an hour to put everything away, but you are welcome to picnic at a table, help with setup, or just hang out!"