Party Bookings 2015

Booking a Party and Inviting Non-Member Guests

Please read this page carefully before completing the form.

Upon payment of the required guest fees, members may invite up to eight (8) non-member guests onto the pool grounds during regularly scheduled operating hours and as outlined and described in the Membership Application, the Membership Guidelines and the Pool Rules without making prior arrangements. See the Guests and Guest Fees page for more information. Please note that the grounds and pools are not available for party bookings until 12:00 noon on Saturdays that we have a home swim meet. Please check the calendar for those dates.

As a privilege of membership, members may also reserve non-exclusive space at the pool for a gathering of 7-35 nonmember guests (e.g. birthday parties, family reunions, etc.) for up to four hours on a single day at a reduced fee. This rate allows pool members to reserve two picnic tables regardless of the number of anticipated guests and pay a reduced guest fee for non-member guests during regularly scheduled operating hours. There are additional charges for parties lasting more than four hours (see below). There are NO party bookings on the three Federal holidays during the season: Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day, and before noon on the Saturday mornings that we have home swim meets.

All requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and there are no rain dates.

In addition to the two picnic tables, up to two folding tables can be rented for $10.00 per table, per party. The tables are stored in the office and the manager on duty will unlock the tables after payment of the fee. Members are responsible for cleaning and getting the tables back to the office. Members may of course also bring in their own folding tables.

All tidying and cleaning that is required after the party is the responsibility of the member who organized the party, as is ensuring that the area around the party is returned to its pre-activity condition immediately following use. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, removing all trash, replacing all moved items and storing all equipment. Members may use basic pool equipment, such as brooms and trash cans, to assist in the cleanup.

Any use of the pool’s electrical system must be approved in advance by the Special Events Committee.
No sound amplification systems or devices of any kind may be used at any time.

No activity occurring during the party may disrupt the ability of other members to use and enjoy the pool and grounds.

All members & guests must comply with PG Pool’s General Rules & Regulations.

Grills may be used by adults but may not be reserved or moved to the party area.


Instructions for Booking a Party

1. Please complete and submit the Party Rental Form linked to below at least 14 days prior to the requested use date.
2. Please include a guest list in the notes section. We will not hold you to that list, but do the best you can.
3. Submit the form and wait to receive a confirmation from the designated board member.
4. Your party will be approved providing:
i) There are not already three parties scheduled for that date
ii) Your party has fewer than 35 guests and
iii) Your party is proposed for usual operating hours
5. If there are already three parties scheduled for your preferred date, we will contact you about choosing another date. If your party has more than 35 guests or is scheduled outside of normal operating hours, please use the General Queries Contact Form on this Web site. (Requests for gatherings of more than 35 people require 21 days notice and additional fees may apply.)
6. Please pay for your guests at the end of your party. It is inconvenient to have to chase members and collect unpaid fees, so please make payment at that time.

REMEMBER: the member responsible (or another designated member) must come to the front gate for each guest in order for that guest to be allowed onto the pool grounds.

All users must follow the policies and rules as outlined in the Membership Rules and Regulations.
Charges are based on the following rates:

Party Registration Fee: $35.00 ($10 for the party plus a $25 guest deposit.) This fee covers the first eight guests. The balance for more guests must be paid by the member at the end of the party. There are no refunds. In the case of inclement weather, parties may be rescheduled only if a slot exists on the new date.

Non-member Guest Fees: $3.00 for four hours for each non-member guest during regularly scheduled operating hours for gatherings of 7-35 people. Additional fees may be charged for parties with more than 35 non-member attendees.

Extra Tables: Up to two folding tables may be rented for $10.00 per table per party. These will be in addition to the two regular picnic tables that the member is allowed to reserve for free.

Fee Calculation: Number of Attendees x $3.00 + number of folding tables required (maximum 2) x $10 + Registration Fee = $ total due. If the party is over four hours long please add an additional $1 per non-member guest per hour.

Outside Regular Operating Hours: $225.00/hr for up to 75 people, each additional 25 people add $75.00/hr.

To book your party, please log in to our membership site, go to Party Bookings and hit the link "Register a Party." Complete the form, pay the deposit and wait patiently to ensure you managed to secure a spot. First come, first served.