Board Meeting Minutes March 5, 2017

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: March 5, 2017


Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Mic Byrne, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss Riggs, Abebi Wolfe, Liz Duffy, Chris Goff,

Apologies: Meredith Massey, Dave McCandlish, Dennis Alexander





            Haven’t talked to City yet re high grasses – DJN

            Contacted contractor re: monkey bars – DJN

Levee Update: None

Finance – Marvin:

Occupancy tax is late, because of a mess-up on part of city. Gowen dealing with it. Will need to put it in Lighthouse contract


Physical Plant





Old Business

·         Pool hours while schools in session

o   Including above in broader discussion of proposed Lighthouse contract

o   Contract now includes open weekends on September

o   First two weeks: toddler swim until noon, grounds open, pool closed until 2 PM.

o   Lifeguards now to check toddler pool during adult swim

o   Cleaning around fence

·         Shuffleboard: Gowen will send DJ information to order

·         Board Training: Stacy is negotiating, we still need to figure a time. Will need a full day (9-3 PM), we need to look at proposed dates.


New Business

·         Conflict of interest policy for approval: waiting until next meeting

·         Parking passes – are they needed? Yes. – DJN

·         Have we solved problem of charging system where PG Bucks get loaded, but not paid for: tabled until McCandlish is back

·         Parking pass enforcement: put enforcement in Lighthouse contract, have staff check lot, make one announcement, have board member call towing company. Need to get new towing company. DJN

·         Babysitter fee: staying the same

·         Triathlon: Gowen proposes to give back to community – sponsor triathlon, swimming in pool, raise money for charity, etc. Something in our pocket for public relations.

o     Couldn’t do this year, too much time to organize event.

o     Like idea of public relations/community event, should look into a less labor-intensive for this year

·         Workdays:

o     April 2, April 8, April 15, April 29/30, May 6/7, May 13, May 20/21, May 27

o     2 board members per workday

o     DJ will be at first two and last two, Andrew will take several

o     DJ will assign tasks and make sure materials on board

o     Goff will put on calendar, ask for volunteers

o     Chuck suggest storing paint materials in lost & found shed, wash brushes in guard shack.

·         List of non-board member co-op fee exemptions:

o     Goff will send last year’s list around.

o     Propose exemptions ASAP

·         Correspondence:

o     Rosanna Landis Weaver – Noted. DJN to respond.

§  Ben Frey/Barbara Monahan – Noted. DJN to respond.

·         Music

o     Will tell Lonnie about School of Rock concert to book

o     Will purchase food for band



Next Steps for the Next Meeting

Future Agenda Items


Next Meetings: 4/2: 4 – 5:30 PM; Probably 2 meetings in May