Board Meeting Minutes October 23, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: October 23, 2016


Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Meredith Massey, Abebi Wolfe, Liz Duffy, Dave McCandlish, Mary Melchior, Stacy Smith, Chuck Thies, Colin Strauss Riggs

Apologies: Mic Byrne, Dennis Alexander, Chris Goff

Absent: Andrew Farrington



·         UMD department party on 9/16: The treasurer has invoiced them for $225.



·         The Treasurer presented a near-yearend report.

·         The 2017 budget meeting was set for Dec. 3 @ 10:30am. Helen and Liz will be invited to attend the Swim Team section.

Capital Improvements/ Physical Plant

·         The following tasks were approved:

o   Paint shower area floors w/non-slip paint; sod/regrading as necessary (in early 2017); DMc will examine the possibilities for some discrete lighting in the trees.

·         From the 5-year plan, the board agreed to push the following tasks until after the 2017 season:

o   Trees along the alley; renovate kitchen; dressing area improvements; improve poolside lighting (post-levee).

·         The following major tasks were also approved, providing budgetary room:

o   Replace siding/lower roof on toddler pool pump house ($3,000); More new chairs ($5,000); New main fridge ($3,000); Main pool pump ($8,300); New lane lines and storage ($5,000); minor electrical/painting upgrades (Joel/$2,000).

·         Depending on cost/budget constraints, the board also will examine:

o   A new mural and new LED lights in the pool.

·         Mic will prepare a report on the possible refurb of the parking lot. Whatever happens, we will institute a one-way system in the parking lot.

·         The following minor tasks were also approved:

o     Widen main entrance to the pool/repair gates by diving well; repair the alley gate and the locks on freezer. We will see which dead tree branches need to be removed in the spring.

·         We will upgrade our internet line to allow for a dedicated service for the front desk.

·         CBS will upgrade the locks and the self-closing hinges on the toddler pool gates.

·         The board approved the following repairs/small improvements/purchases:

o   Sand and recover guard chairs; improve shower heads; six new all-weather tables for the deck; one new grill; two new style picnic tables for a test.; a cover for the existing lane line reel; a new paper towel holder for ladies room; a new shade sail; a set of eight lockers for the guards in the guardshack for valuables; a flag and pole; new signs: toddler pumphouse door; staff only magnetic sign on stainless steel freezer; out of order magnetic signs for toilet stalls; 10-year olds only in the kitchen; new signs for outside pool and guard desk Cashless etc.; Exit/entry-only signs for parking lot; signs for toolroom and toolshed; Circle Swimming signs; one fast, one slow; and a replacement fan part --



·         Levee update – contract signed and countersigned and check will be deposited into the rainy day fund until the levee work is completed.

·         Conflict of interest policy – extend to include non-pool-related matters only. Tabled.

·         Board Training – Stacy to come up with a training program for the board to participate in and a couple of possible dates.

·         Board members may not extend hours in any circumstances past our regularly scheduled hours without consent of the full board.

·         We will contract to stay open late (Saturday hours) on the Sundays before Federal holidays and on the eve of July 4.

·         Swim lessons for nonmembers – only at non-key hours. DJN to contact proposer with caveats re board’s decision for June and July 2017.

·         Insurance policy – more complicated than in previous years. Chris Gowen to finalize.

·         Front desk set up – three suggestions approved: guests sign in at all times (paper on weekdays and on computer from 5:00pm on Fridays, on weekends and holidays), fewer and better trained guards and dedicated wifi. We will investigate setting up a separate desk outside the kitchen for sales at peak times and directing all traffic in one direction.

·         Board members should direct all communications with members via the Orchid system.

·         Camps – go ahead as previously.

·         Clarifying guest policy:

o     re paying guest fees to boost party attendance – yes.

o     re how many family members may sign in guests – all. 

o     re who is responsible for guests – if children sign in a guests the adult(s) in that membership are responsible at all times for the conduct of the guests – even if they are not on the grounds. [Add this to the rules/guidelines.] 

·         Parking

o   Passes [If needed: Compare with what we used in 2016: or]

o   Stacy and DJN will visit with the new principal at Thomas Stone to ensure we can continue our parking arrangement

o   Chris Gowen and DJN will revisit our parking lot contract with Queens Chapel apartments

o   Chris Gowen and DJN will revisit our contract with Drive Towing/finds another company 

·         The board rejected the idea of pursuing a name-change.

·         DJN will contact the city re the height of the growing grass in new beds outside the parking lot



·         Problems with some members’ compliance with the requirement that all those in a membership share plumbing. DJN and Dennis to write to offending parties.

·         Grown child memberships: What is policy for splitting grown kids into new memberships? – tabled. Chris Gowen.

·         Members carrying out business on pool grounds – communicate with members and push the booklet on our website.

·         Lap swim #s – leave as is.


·         End of Season Review: Postseason: 10th – 893 visits (members and guests); 11th – 426; 17th – 277;18th – 636. We will include this extra time in our contract for 2017.

·         Contract changes for 2017?: Gate guard for morning swim?; Opening times in the early season and later in August?; Anything else?


·         For next season, Lighthouse will:

o   Train senior managers in de-escalating flare-ups when they do occur. There were only a couple, but better intervention will reduce the potential for conflict.

o   Reduce the number of gate guards and increase their training, especially around refunds, parking passes, registering guest visits, especially on weekends, monitoring ice cream and soda sales. They expressed concern that, compared to other pools, our front desk is a “zoo”, so we need to consider how we can change that.

o   Appoint a dedicated, trained team to clean the grills.

o   Tighten up closing procedures. We will put on the Gitmo lights from 8:45 until closing time at 9:00. That will be a signal to members to leave and allow the guards to clean up more thoroughly. End-of-day cleaning needs to include turning off the gas for the grills at the tank.

o   Monitor the toddler pool more regularly, especially during adult swim.

o   Provide Incident Reports in a timely manner so that we can intervene as necessary.

o   Instruct managers about Heat Lightning and the fact that it’s not an imminent or pool-closing threat.

o   Introduce a twice-weekly protocol whereby guards walk around the exterior of the fence and move anything that could be used for fence jumping or missile tossing away from the fence.

o   Instruct guards that, no matter how nicely or otherwise members ask they may not reserve the Bowlding Shelter in advance for parties. We will add that to the party forms, but the shelter is only reserved for pool-wide functions.

o   Intervene sooner and remove the second lap lane when the pool is crowded. This is already our protocol, but it didn’t happen often enough and quickly enough this year.

·         In addition to the above, Lighthouse will provide:

o   A facility assessment by Oct. 15.

o   A price for opening on the first two weekends after the Labor Day weekend as part of the contract.

o   A price for a new pump, new lap lanes, and guard chair(s), including one mobile one.

o   A price for restrapping the loungers (doing any existing broken straps for free).

o   Look into selling the two lap lane end boards that we don’t use.

o   Provide a list of staff preseason and add their photos to the Board


·         Board communication to seasonal co-opers and potential seasonal co-opers in March/April re new opportunities? Check with existing managers: AntonV (shoppers), TracyV (soda), LauraE (ice cream); KellyB (kitchen) and Geoff&Ryan (propane), LonniM (music), JenZ (food trucks).

·         New groups/committees: Add others? MaryM (gardening), Front Desk Transactional Compliance and Anomaly Catchers

·         Need to tighten up/improve food trucks and fridge and kitchen cleaning for next year

Preseason workdays next year:

·         Repair lockers in men’s room

·         Remove wheels from older larger tables and keep them on the Riviera as they were this year

·         Level freezers properly, so doors fall shut

·         Order replacement hose for new grill

·         Bocce;

·         Repair fence by ping-pong area

·         Shuffle Board;

·         Straighten any damaged umbrella poles

·         Test and repair/toss hosepipes

·         Turn off pooling sprinkler heads

·         Clean gunk off the mirrors

·         Fix ping-pong tables

·         Tidy guardshack

·         Screws in fence behind guardshack and along the alley

·         Adjust the sprinkler head by the office and others that are pooling

·         Paint guard shack 

·         Clean toddler pumphouse

·         Replace ladies towel holder

·         Repair tables

·         Better basketball hoop

·         Update board board in hallway

·         Hooks on ladies’ toilet doors/replacement doors (Gary)

·         Label breaker board

·         Split logs

·         Switch sand types from volleyball court to sandbox

·         Paint inside of toolshed and toolroom

·         ?Four Square; Soccer goal; Tetherball chain;


·         Complete list for closing down the pool [Also add to Ops Manual]:

Must do:

o   Move all furniture & equipment from grounds and stack in men’s room

o   Store outsize tables and the slide in the Bowlding Shelter

o   Remove shade sail

o   Stack all umbrellas upright in men’s room

o   Direct chairs/loungers that need restrapping into the ladies

o   Pick-up truck with DC tags for dump run(s)

o   Clean smoker and grills – clean thoroughly and place in kitchen;

o   Test all propane tanks and place in shed

o   Clean kitchen thoroughly: clean fridges, ice cream freezers, surfaces and microwaves; toss food from all fridges & freezers; unplug all equipment; store equipment in plastic bags; unplug ice machine and other equipment; prop fridges and freezers doors open; sweep and mop floor clean

o   Office: Toss what you can; tidy everything; clear out fridge and prop door open; put paper products in boxes; clear tables and floor completely, sweep and mop

o   Put clocks &c in office

o   Clean and move water cooler inside

o   Clean outside fridge and prop open

o   Cover sand box, smoker, slide and tables on kiddie pool deck

o   Clean desk

o   Take down volleyball net, clean and store lines

o   Remove all signs and place in office

o   Tidy and clean swim team closet – place paper goods in rodent-proof bins

o   Clear noticeboards

o   Clean garbage cans and when nearly dry, store in ladies

o   Clean and store kids’ toys in ladies

o   Pick up trash inside and outside grounds including the alley

o   Pick up and bag all lost property



o   Clean out plastic closets in bathrooms

o   Prepare beds for spring (outside and by toddler pool)

o   Clear fence of any growth

o   Clean both bath areas

o   Clean mirrors and wipe down sinks

o   Clean gutters

o   Clear and tidy toolshed

o   Clear and tidy toolroom

o   Strip all rotten wood from broken or about-to-break tables; remove hardware from tables to be trashed


Swim Team

·         Helen and Liz will attend a future board meeting and discuss swim team rules for nonmembers and swim team rules for refunds.

·         Other to-dos include: Swim Team Records Board and new swimblocks and/or a bulkhead to make pool regulation 25 meters.



·         Board members should direct all communications with members via the Orchid system

·         We should aim to get the weekly email about events at the pools out on Tuesdays

·         Put August members on separate email list

·         Add to Operations Manual/website/Lighthouse contract/rules (as appropriate) and inform members

o   New Executive and Grounds/Gardening Committees set up

o   Responsibility for guests – if children sign in a guests the adult(s) in that membership are responsible at all times for the conduct of the guests – even if they are not on the grounds.

o   Lost & Discarded sales should not be set up more than one hour in advance of the event

o   Members may not carry out personal business on pool grounds; please use the booklet on our website.

o   Put the regular requirement to have the guards walk and clear the outside or our perimeter fence into the ops manual/contract.

o   No matter how nicely or otherwise members ask, you may not reserve the Bowlding Shelter in advance for parties. The shelter may only be reserved for pool-wide functions: member meetings (2), swim team banquet (1) and lost and found sales (2). On these dates, the shelter should remain open to all-comers until at least an hour before the event.

·         [Reminders for DJN: Sort out our Yelp account; Talk to Lynne Thorpe/Dana Grabiner re adjacent land; Website: add slideshow and board email addresses; Add Cuota de mejora de capital for other pools’ leaflet.]


·         The board would like more food truck options in 2017.



·         Mary Melchior will oversee a grounds and gardening club, which will also take responsibility for street-side landscaping once a decision is made on the parking lot renovation.

Next Steps for the Next Meeting

·         The above


Future Agenda Items

·         Conflict of interest policy for approval

·         Parking passes – are they needed?

·         Board Training – Stacy

·         Codify instances when a membership may be split: grown children; divorce/separation; people moving out from shared rented accommodation. Others?

·         Contract changes for 2017: Gate guard for morning swim?; Opening times in the early season and later in August?; Anything else?

·         Ask Helen and Liz to attend next board meeting