Member Meeting Minutes August 27, 2016

Report on the End-of-Season Member Meeting
August 27, 2016
Liz Duffy MCing
New Board Members
Board members who had been appointed in the off-season introduced themselves: 
Liz Duffy, Abebi Wolfe, Meredith Massey
The membership secretary, Dennis Alexander, presented a brief report on membership, which is full (with 676 total memberships plus 10 on-hold memberships), and likely to remain so as we have a waiting list that is 1,700 families long. We also had 25 lap swim memberships and 38 August memberships. 
The treasurer, Marvin Russell, made a presentation on our current financial situation. We are in good shape and continuing to fine tune our monitoring of income and outgoings, as well as reporting to the board. To that end, co-op deposits are now being recorded separately (rather than as a part of overall membership fees), party billing is now different with no payments taken through the front desk and swim lessons are a new line item as we now process all payments for them. The move to a cashless PGP was heralded as an unmitigated success (not least by the board members who no longer have to come to the pool every evening to count the cash).  
The president, DJ Nolan, announced that due to our healthy financial situation, we would experiment with opening the pool and grounds for two weekends after Labor Day. The board decided that the pool could afford to pay for it this season. We may have to find ways to recoup the costs in future years.
The board distributed a report on recent improvements and investments in the grounds (see below).
Board Elections
Elizabeth Duffy, Chris Goff, Meredith Massey, David J. “DJ” Nolan, Colin Strauss Riggs, Chuck Thies and Abebi Wolfe were elected/re-elected by acclamation to the board. 
David J. “DJ” Nolan (President), Chris Gowen (Vice President), Marvin Russell (Treasurer) and Chris Goff (Secretary) were re-elected by acclamation as officers. 
Q & A
There was a healthier-than-usual Q&A session. 
Ice maker – was not working for a few days. Fixed. Getting a bigger one not a priority.
Grill cleaning – could do better.
Towing contract – need a cheaper one for next season.
Music complaints? Code compliance? – we are in compliance.
Bathroom cleaning – could do better.
Grounds condition – everybody had forgotten how pristine the grounds looked in June. 
Deep cleaning in August – OK. 
Be nice to guards – natch.
Proximity preference on membership – board asked for a proposal. 
Do pool bucks carry over? – Yes. Don’t lose your cards. 
Yay basketball court! 
Levee – Don’t ask. We signed the contract but the county has not countersigned. 
Future plans – bathroom floors, parking lot improvements (perhaps, depending on cost). Some plans are on hold because they will be completed in areas where the levee work will affect the grounds. 
People giving member number to non-members – the board in not aware of any instance that has happened. If a member is aware of such an occurrence, or any other way that a nonmember gains access to the grounds fraudulently, they need to inform a board member giving as much detail as possible. 
Member numbers on parking passes – see above, likely not a way that people gain access to the grounds as the guards check photos of people they don’t know. 
More parking passes per membership – the board will not approve individual requests for more passes. If you want more, please make a case to the board as to which classes of membership should be allowed to have extra passes. 
Selfies in bathrooms – probably a bad idea. Doesn’t happen in the men’s.  
New Lost & Discarded shelter – yay.
Locks on locker for whole season a problem – OK, but further investigation revealed that about 10 lockers had locks on them, in a universe where there are about 75 individual lockers. Not an issue we need to concern ourselves with. 
Native trees? – We don’t discriminate.
Reducing light pollution – We plan to install low-glare, downward-facing lights when we replace the deck lighting.
Hot water – Alleluia.
Swim suit spinner – nah, too noisy and guaranteed that the kids will break it/put sand in it the first weekend.
City planting blocking view exiting parking lot – will chat to them.
Coop job social will be hosted by Laurel in 2017 – thanks. 
The meeting was declared over after a record-setting 50 minutes.*
*May not actually be a record. 
Expenditure on improvements since the end of the 2015 season
Replacing roof on main bathhouse $50,100 (Financed with a loan)
Toddler pool fence and steps $17,000
Painting/other bathhouse repairs $9,000
Paving in Bowlding Shelter $8,400
New freezers/fridge $6,700
Basketball court $6,200
New benches $4,000
Patching Parking Lot/Repainting Handicapped Spots $3,600
New/Replacement Umbrellas $3,000
New Lost & Discarded Shed $2,200
New extractor fans in kitchen $1,600
Total $110,600
(Budget according to the Five-Year Plan was $60,000, 
plus the $50,000 loan we took out for the roof.)