Board Meeting Minutes September 18, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: September 18, 2016
Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Chuck Thies, Mic Byrne, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss Riggs, Meredith Massey, Abebi Wolfe, Liz Duffy, Dave McCandlish, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Dennis Alexander
Apologies: Stacy Smith
Guest: Dave deRosa
UMD department party happened 9/16. Will invoice.
Drainage issue in the parking lot has been “fixed”, not by city. Will decide upon parking lot repaving before approaching for a permanent fix
Levee update – nothing to report
Post-season Review
Lots of positive feedback on extra-long season with September weekends
Seems to have been more of an issue with theft this year, not sure what we can do about it
o Have we considered security camera system? Lots to monitor. Need to think about where to place.
o Should think about security/ingress/egress in the off-season, need to make sure we are empowering gate guards to be able to hold down the entrance. May need to do additional training to help gate guards be more vigilant. Need to make decisions about gate security based on what is happening – we don’t know how many people are actually sneaking in, gate guards have correctly pointed out non-members who have entered without paying.
Have heard sentiments about lowering the membership cap through attrition.
Issue of “permanent lockers” – they don’t exist, folks who squat a locker will have bolts cut.
Parking: Parking passes don’t seem to have been so great. Towing didn’t happen as much as it should have. People more comfortable parking at the school. Making expectation of one car at the pool to park per family is good. Overnight towing wasn’t as consistent. May need to look for new towing contractor.
Gate guards: may be too many of them, may need to cut down on them. Is there a review of gate guards going forward for re-hire? Consistency of hours may cut down on number of security issues.
Could get dedicated internet line, faster computers for the gate to increase speeds of pictures so they can identify members upon entrance.
Outside of ice cream that melted, we turned a small profit on ice cream (had to throw away $5K worth of ice cream because of malfunctioning freezer). 
RATS! But fewer flies. More trash on the grounds. Getting rid of the rats will be a big lift. Need to talk to Bruce about guard clean-up, remind members that they need to clean up after themselves.
Grounds: held up pretty well, a few brown spots, only one real bad “lake” of water during the season. 
Co-op: Shopping and supplies went well. Need to tighten up fridge and kitchen cleaning for next year. Should add co-op jobs to do weekly examination of front-desk transactions to catch/correct anomalies. Should also put together a garden co-op team. Mary will be in charge of team.
Bathroom floors will be an off-season project. 
Grills – cleaning issues, some maintenance/fire issues. Members need to turn gas off after using, turn tanks off at night. May want to incentivize good grill maintenance by paying someone specifically as a grill cleaner. Have a dedicated grill-cleaning kit. Will discuss when we renew contract.
Guard issues – one issue last night with closing the toddler pool late night.
Need to work with parents who aren’t supervising children, especially >6 year olds in the toddler pool during adult swim. Need to hold guards accountable for what’s in the contract. If members don’t heed instruction of lifeguard, members need to be held accountable. 
Need to make sure that tables in the shelter aren’t reserved for parties. Only 4 times it should be reserved (2 member meetings, swim team banquet, lost and found). Should not be reserved all day for lost-and-found sale.
Member meeting notes will be posted this week.
Have list for postseason improvements (items from 5 year plan, plus member suggestions)
Talk to lawn-guy to get aeration and reseeding down as early as possible.
Want to look into more lawn games for the grounds, given success of the basketball court
Street-side landscaping? Could we get rid of chain leak fence between alley and park?
Next meeting dates
Need a long meeting to get some work done before a break: 
October 23, 1-4 PM (at pool, weather-permitting)
Old Business
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items