Board Meeting Minutes August 3rd 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: August 3, 2016
Apologies: Mary Melchior, Mic Burns, Dave McCandlish, Dennis Alexander. 
Attendance was not recorded. 
Levee Update – Authority to sign has been submitted to the County. Its countersignature has not been received. 
Parking lot water drainage is an issue. 
o The city has agreed to allow us to drain into their swale. 
Agenda for the end-of-season member meeting: 
o Membership
o Finances
o Board Elections
Liz will MC
A handout for the membership about recent improvements carried out at the pool was presented and approved for distribution at the member meeting. 
The board discussed the finance report that will be presented to the membership. We need to clarify any major changes from 2015. DMc and DJN will work with Marvin to get it ready. 
A request from a UMD faculty member for an off-season party was approved (either September 9 or 16, depending on availability). They need to sign a liability waiver. 
The board approved a late-evening showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 
The president proposed that we use some of the surplus that we have on hand and open the pools and grounds on the Saturday and Sunday in the first two weekends in September. Cost was estimated to be $5,000. 
o NB: It was later revealed that, with the hours the board wanted, the cost would be $8,800. This was (in some cases grudgingly) approved by an email vote.  
The board discussed paying off the loan we took out to do the bathhouse roof and tabled that decision until we made a decision about redoing the parking lot. 
Physical Plant
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
Next Meetings