Board Meeting Minutes July 20 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 20, 2016
Apologies: Chris Goff; Chuck Thies; Dave McCandlish/deRosa?
Attendance was not recorded. 
Levee Update – Authority to sign has been submitted to the County. Its countersignature has not been received. 
Parking lot water drainage is an issue. 
o The city has agreed to allow us to drain into their swale. 
The Board agreed to set up an Executive Committee made up of the president, the vice president, the membership secretary, the management liaison and one other. Abebi Wolfe was appointed as the final member. The committee has no legal standing, but may assess any issues that crop up between meetings or that need not involve the entire board. 
Its charge is as follows: 
Between regular meetings of the Board, certain tasks may be conducted by an Executive Committee made up of the president, the vice-president and at least two other board members. It may also include other pool members in good standing as the board shall designate.
Members of the committee are elected each year by the board at the first meeting after the end-of-season member meeting. Members may be added at other times as needed.
The Executive Committee has a monitoring and advisory role and does not have any decision-making capacities. It may serve, for example, as the recipient of any member’s concerns or complaints about other members or staff.  
Tabled: Board member(s) keeping pool grounds open late
Tabled: A conflict of interest policy will be drafted for next year.
In cases where the bands are late clearing up, a member of the Events Committee needs to be in charge of closing. 
The Lost & Discarded sale/brownie sale went well. ~$400 went to Bethlehem House.
August memberships: last year we had 25, for which we solicited to first 200 on the waiting list. This year, the board decided to open it up to the first 500. We will accept the first 75.
Opening time in August. As there are no morning swim lessons in August, we will open at 11:00am, rather than 10:00am. Toddler swim wouldn’t change.
The treasurer presented a Finance Report, which will be updated for the member meeting on August 27. 
Physical Plant
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
Agenda for the end-of-season member meeting
Next Meetings: