Board Meeting Minutes July 6, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: July 6, 2016
Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Dave deRosa, Chuck Thies, Stacy Smith, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss Riggs, Chris Goff, Meredith Massey, Abebi Wolfe, Mic Byrne, Dennis Alexander, Mary Melchior   
Apologies: Liz Duffy, Dave McCandlish, 
Levee Update 
Finance - Marvin
Physical Plant
Events: Poolapalooza this weekend, have 10 volunteers to help Dot cook.
Old Business
Levee Update – Authority to sign has been submitted to the County. Their countersignature has not been received. 
No movement on signatures
Finance – Sales tax now being recorded monthly. Chris Gowen to investigate our liability.
Have been told we need to pay sales tax monthly, from State of MD. Problem is what we have to pay tax on (for example, swim team swimsuits).
Physical Plant Seeking replacement roof or repairs for pump house. 
Parking lot water drainage is an issue. Mary to talk to our local council member about it. 
Wants to talk to lawyer to get advice before speaking to council. Issue is that they blocked drainage for the parking lot.
Mary: “I spent an hour in the rain checking what the drainage issues were. This is a city created problem. The fundamental problem is that now Buchanan Street is draining into our parking lot from both ends, with little water getting into the fancy rain garden. It has been made worse by the fact that they also blocked the previously existing drainage we had out of the parking lot.  I do believe that the fact that the drainage out of the lot into the city sewer system had existed before I became a member about a decade ago, indicates we had permission at some point.” 
Mic: We cannot drain into the public right-of-way without prior approval. Since things have changed, we can probably approach city about making a curb cut to facilitate to drainage. Recourse should probably avoid legal action. Should also work with city when we resurface parking lot.
Action: Mic, DJ, and Gowen will talk to city about short-term curb-cut, long term changes.
DeRosa: Do we have a head of physical plant? (It’s DJ). We should have a chair who’s not DJ. We should talk about it off-season.
Meredith: related issue – we need to have a pattern for traffic in the lot, because it’s not safe.
Action: Will put up signs indicating parking lot is one way.
Frozen juice pops for sale – have a stand here as a test. Buy 50 or 100 if it’s a good result.
 Never got back to DJ, so they’re scotched.
Peace Camp – Stacy and DJ to continue correspondence with them.
Tabled for next meeting.
New Business
Update on morning lap swim
Gretchen, Greg and others appeared on behalf of morning lap swimmers. 
Clarification: No new policy about morning lap swim. Had previously been leaving lane lines, swim lesson equipment in. Will no longer do so, unless weather does not permit removal the previous evening.
Are more lane lines available? Not now.
If we are issuing more lap memberships, we may need to think about pool capacity.
Lifeguards are not lifeguarding the pool in the morning. It is swim at your own risk.
Dennis: we may want to limit lap-swim memberships. Have sold 25 this season, up from 6 last year.
Non-member admissions to pool – Stacy and DJN to meet w/Joe’s to discuss pick-up.  
Swim lesson update
System has shown $11-12K for swim lessons (per Tanya), have not seen the actual money yet. Per contract, we cannot be billed for more money than we take in.
Marvin: couldn’t figure out how to tease out how much was taken in, need to resolve that for finances.
New pumphouse roof:
Mic has bids, in for $5K
Chris Gowen and Stacy would like quote on leveling, rebuilding.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
Next Meetings: