Member Meeting Minutes June 4, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Membership Meeting
MINUTES: June 4, 2016
Meeting called to order at 4:02 PM
Thanks to members for attending, thanks to volunteers for setting up.
Introduction of new board members: Meredith, Abebi, and Liz. 
State of the pool
Full membership, long waiting list.
Financially healthy – spent $500K in improvements over past 10 years: in the last year, put flooring under pavilion, new basketball court, new fencing.
Apologies for state of the bathroom floors – working to remedy the situation. Closing bathhouses is off the table for now, given the wet weather. Will use mats as a short-term fix.
New fridges, new ice cream vendor, new shed for the lost & discarded, winter storage. Replaced roof, painted ceiling.
Question: new party payment system – still confused about it.
Flat fee for party, no guest fees: 20 on weekends, 35 during first session each weekday.
Q: Thanks for the two lap lanes, especially during swim team practice. When does the pool actually open on weekdays?
Pool opens at noon, grounds open at 10. We may open at 10 later in the season, depending on the allocation of guards for swim lessons scheduled at that time.
Q: Morning lap swim?
6:30-8:30 during the week, 8-10 on weekends, except when we’re hosting swim meets.
Please do not smoke around the kiddie pool.
Q: What’s on the horizon for improvements?
Lots dependent on the levee project. Three years of negotiations, still not sure when it’s starting (thanks to Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne for helping with negotiations). Have an agreement that work will happen around the pool season – will begin after September 15, be concluded by May 1.
Q: What about the water in the parking lot? 
City of Mount Rainier messed up. DJ has had conversations with city manager, and they’re working to find a resolution. Also looking to repave parking lot at end of season (will need to take out loan to finance).
Q: Can we have monkey bars on the playground?
We would be happy to look into it and install at end of the season.
Q: Can you clarify parking pass policy?
After 3 PM on weekends and holidays, after 5 PM on weekdays, cars without passes can be towed. There is a $400 towing fee (from the towing company). Each membership gets one parking pass. Replacement passes cost $25. “Parking lot” also includes grassy spot by alley. We have overflow parking at Thomas Stone Elementary (after 4 PM while school is in session) that does not require a pass. There is also free street parking still available.
Q: Does it have to be on the mirror, or can it just be visible?
It just needs to be visible.
Q: Will a towing company be patrolling?
They can only tow if a board member calls them, except overnight from 11 PM to 6:15 AM (if people need to leave a car, please let a board member know). Having a pass overnight does not allow you to park there.
Q: Can we make a policy to announce before a towing happens?
Yes. We will announce before anyone gets towed.
Q: What about guests?
They can park in the lot before 3 on weekend, 5 on weekdays.
Q: Where’s the tetherball?
We’ll get it fixed.
Q: The foosball table is broken.
A replacement part has been ordered and it will be fixed soon.
Membership secretary’s report
95% renewal rate among current members. Went 84 people deep into the waiting list to fill 35 spots. Waiting list is still long – 1,498 people.
Increased number of lap swim memberships: 23 in 2016 (6 in 2015)
2015 renewal 95% (60 deep into list to fill 31 slots)
2014 94% renewal (76 deep to fill 38 slots)
111 parties booked this year, we apologize for the snafus in the initial opening of party reservations
Q: What about total numbers of individual members?
Over 2200
150 swim team members
12 “swim-team only” families
We will also be offering August-only memberships – last year we offered to 200 families on wait list, 35 enrolled.
Treasurer’s report
Marvin goes over Treasurer’s report that is distributed to members.
$56,000 in improvements is not reflected in current numbers (we’ve done a total of $100K in improvements since the end of last season).
Took out 4 year loan to pay for new roof (took out loan partly to maintain pool’s good credit). 
Q: What was our surplus at the end of last year?
We more or less broke even. Put $40K in a “rainy day” fund (total of $100K for emergencies).
Lighthouse now in its 11th year managing our pool. Very close to signing a 5-year contract with them, should sign in the next week. 
General Q&A
Q: When do swim lesson sign ups?
Will be launched in the next few days. Lessons won’t start until end of June.
Q: Thanks for the improvements
You’re welcome
Jim Groves: If you have ideas for improvements, write it up and send it to the Board. 38.6 mW produced by solar panels.
Q: Is the front lawn going to become parking?
It will be modified.
Q: What about purchasing the greenspace next door?
We can’t at the moment – will require legislation from government entities. We are pursuing it, but not expecting anything to move.
Introduction of Colin as co-op coordinator. Lots of opportunities to volunteer for big and small jobs. If there’s a job you see that needs to be done, talk to the Board. More than 1,000 hours of co-op work was done before the beginning of the season.
Meeting adjourned at 4:40 PM.