Board Meeting Minutes May 15, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: May 15, 2016
Present: DJ Nolan, Chris Gowen, Marvin Russell, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Dave deRosa, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Mic Byrne, Andrew Farrington, Colin Strauss Riggs, Liz Duffy, 
Apologies: Meredith Massey, Dave McCandlish, Abebi Wolfe, Stacy Smith
Levee Update 
Finance – Marvin
Leak by toddler pool fixed. Trainings every weekend until opening. Will need experienced gate guards on duty first weekend.
Physical Plant
Updated membership numbers: One person kicked off membership for receiving a privately transferred membership. 
In 2014, renewal rate 94.6%, 79 deep into waiting list for 36 spots
2015 95.4% renewal, 60 deep for 31 spots
2016 94.3% renewal, 76 deep for 38 spots
Waiting list over 1400
Problem with party reservation computer system, being resolved, will reopen next weekend
Schedule went out today. Folks who want to volunteer can email Meredith and Lonnie. Replies to event emails go to Lonnie.
Old Business
Parking passes
Delivered, waiting on hangers
Orchid issues resolved
Yes. Anything that slips through can be refunded.
Cashless pool update
McCandlish email update: I have passed a few cards and the front gate iPad to Derosa so he can demo the new cash cards at the mtg. 
Distribute 2 cards gratis to each membership. Charge $3 for replacement cards
Receive from Dennis a list of active membership numbers and membership names. Set up a Google docs spreadsheet that tracks distribution of the cards, i.e. which memberships have had cards distributed to them.
Set up and staff a table separate from the front gate at Countdown To Splash Down and opening weekend that distributes and loads cards. (I am committing to staffing this table but welcome any other volunteers).  Gate guards to distribute cards after opening weekend.
If a member loses a card,  will the pool reimburse  the value on it?
No. These cards are to be treated as cash. The pool will not reimburse a lost $20 either.  Allowing such reimbursements instantaneously opens up a vector for fraud and invites it.  Such reimbursements also add a level of complexity and board involvement that we are trying to avoid by going cashless.
Can we pre-load cards in order to minimize lines and transaction times during their distribution?
No. Cards are distributed with zero balance and loaded by using the individual members' credit cards.
Can a member memorize the 16 digit number on their card and use that for purchases instead of the physical card?
Technically yes, but we should heavily discourage the practice and train guards to use this functionality only as a last resort.  It adds time and complexity to the transaction. It is a vector for fraud (even if it is just kids gaming their parents' cards.)
How much is going cashless costing us?
We bought 2500 cards @ $1.10 each plus shipping.  We pay Squareup 2.75% on every transaction that loads the cards. Remember all that cash we counted over and over? We will give up just under 3% of that for the privilege of not counting it. It would be the same or a little more if we just said no cash, credit cards only.
Can we add an extra POS for the front desk?
Sure, why not?  A 16 GB iPad 2 plus a Square Stand (combination iPad holder card reader) from Best Buy - $500-$750.
If you have more questions that Derosa cannot answer at the demo, let me know afterwards and I will attempt to answer them.
DeRosa recommends getting additional iPad for extra PoS at desk. Gowen recommends having board download Square as back-up.
System set up to be used for multiple uses: general sales, event food sales, etc.
Will have sandpaper and sharpie available during Countdown to mark cards (with family name or membership #) 
Will need backups for opening weekend. May need extra gate-guards, volunteers (for co-op hours, board members to help with rush.
DeRosa recommends looking into more durable scanning device, given the amount of use the interface will get (available on-line).
Card can be used for anything – guest fees,  ice cream/sodas, events.
Ice cream
Getting a premium brand, will have two price-points: $1/$3. Looking into getting new coolers. 
DeRosa – need to educate members, gate guards about new ice creams and price points
Green street update
Work has started, say they’ll be done by opening. We’ll see.
Lightning policy update
Lighthouse has said no to any revisions on lightning policy. Willing to use app, but still retains right to clear pool & grounds.
DeRosa: can we get the cited county ordinance regarding the Lighthouse policy? Yes.
Not willing to consider starting another composting service at this time.
New Business
Party refund policy: Pool (not grounds) closure grounds for refund? 
o Motion: In cases of inclement weather, we will endeavor to reschedule your party. If the pool AND grounds are closed for the duration of your party, and we cannot find a mutually agreeable day to reschedule it, we will issue a refund. Unanimously adopted.
Party limits: Folks are requesting that extra guest slots (35 instead of 20) for the first slot on the weekend days. Not willing to reconsider at this time 
Countdown to Splashdown
All ready to go
Tree work
Two trees on site need to have dead limbs removed. $1400 for work to be done this week. 
Opening weekend coverage
Goff will send out Google Doc for board coverage.
Grounds open Saturday 11:30, Pool at Noon. Open until 11.
Sunday 10:00-9:00
Monday 10:00-9:00
Will need board members at closing for first week, but won’t be necessary following that, as there will be no cash to take off premises.
Update on progress towards opening weekend
New(ish) refrigerators and freezers delivered.
Toddler Fence delivered, waiting to be installed. Bathroom doors delivered. Benches for bathrooms delivered and installed. Joe Kelly putting in two new showers in ladies room. May need new soap dispensers. Sand being delivered next week, court still needs to be roto-tilled. Tables mostly done. Shed done. Phone line needs to be repaired.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Thursday, June 2 at  7 PM. Goff sends regrets.
Rotating workday supervision
Future Agenda Items
Next Meetings: