Board Meeting Minutes March 20, 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: March 20, 2016
Present: DJ Nolan, Meredith Massey, Dennis, Bebe Wolfe, Dave DeRosa, Stacey Smith, Colin Riggs, Marvin Russel, Mic Burns, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies
Apologies: Chris Goff, Chris Gowan, Dave McCandlish, Liz Duffy
Absent: Andrew Farrington
DJ sets agenda based on emails
Trash -increase and details. Moved to accept contract. Voted yes.
Landscaping – mowing renegotiated. $6740 (reduction from last year due to week shorter season and free weed control). Stump removal is extra. Moved to accept contract. Voted yes.
Lighthouse pool management- If Chris Gowen has major changes they’ll be sent out to board for approval. Based on 12 week season. Includes obligation to pay at least $1 above minimum wage (unlike other pools that are utilizing PG County loophole for seasonal workers). 
Question about reporting hours: data base has improved reporting of hours. However, Bi-weekly reports have not been forthcoming. Hours are logged on iphone and should be available with payroll. 
Swim lessons will be a separate contract to be discussed later.
*Board would like a more regular/complete accounting of hours.
DJ proposes provisional acceptance of contract. Voted yes.
Parking lot-
Thomas Stone: Would like to renew parking agreement after 5 on weekdays and all days on weekends. TS accepted a 10% increase over what PG Pool paid last year. Does the after 5 restriction only apply to the school year?
Parking passes: 1 per membership is free. Implications for parties. Staffing issues for parking enforcement. Tow trucks will tow if no pass. Chuck will take charge of the parking passes. Passes will have the pool logo and a blank line to write the member number. A list will be kept of replacement passes ordered ($25 each). Pool manager will patrol lots at 3 pm, 6 pm and at 8:30 am (procedure is new and under review). Bilingual warnings will be issued for the first 2 weeks before pool opening. New signs should be made to warn community parkers that enforcement will be forthcoming (the towing company should make these signs so that proper information will be included).
Parking/drop-off redesign will not occur this year. Next year.
A new shed should be purchased. Discussion of merits of materials (metal, wood, composite). Recommendation for awesome Amish shed. Cheap Costco shed recommended since shed will have to be moved due to levee project? Discussion of permanence of structure due to levee project. DJ proposes $2000 or less for shed. Unanimously in favor.
Paved pad is almost complete. 
Membership report-
~30% of last year’s total of 675. Board members must pay all fees but co-op fees. Tanya should be aware of board membership and co-op fee exemptions. 
Approval of co-op hours- 
Accurate list of board members should be populated to drop down list (Tanya).
Joe’s $75 day/$100 week flat fee regardless of number of kids- historical pricing. Peace camp has contacted Stacey. What is the charge for a camp and how many children will that cover; timing of arrival and departure? We should reach out to Dance camp also. Also included in contract is supervision ratio (7-1). Trainings for counselors? No more than one camp/day. Max of 60 kids. Agreed on $75 flat fee for 2 hour window. Security deposit or prepay required. Stacey will send to DJ so it’s in ops manual. Please notify Marvin to expect checks. Camps should be notified of “cashless” policy. Discussion of raising fees for camps (Joes) next summer. Camps will be notified by January of any rate increases.
Cashless pool-
Dave McCandlish is getting cards and rollout. What does the cashless card cover? Ice cream and drinks; event food; guest fees- everything.
Times have been adjusted based on opening hours- listed on website. Can we increase size limits on spots during weekdays? Increase non-member party number to 35 M-Th during first party slot. Moved to accept. Approved with 2 nays.
Name change-
Chuck will write email to be sent to membership announcing Board’s potential consideration of name change. Survey monkey to explain reasons and gauge member feelings and suggestions on name change. 
Towing contract-
Drive Towing: DJ and Chris Gowan are on this.
Green Street-
No news. Will need to use parking lot to stage equipment must be off season. 
Capital improvement projects-
Discussion of $ level for contracts.  Under $5,000 is on a proposal basis. 2 contract forms 1. Work order for $5000.- $2500 2. $25000-$100000 simplified construction contract. 3. Over 100,000= construction contract. Require signature of one board member after a board vote. Moved and accepted unanimously.
Pre-season work-
Improvements to bathhouses have not been completed/finalized. Ongoing as per 5 year plan. DJ has found some benches. Proposed to replace wooden benches with sturdier, appropriately colored benches to be moved out for swim meets. 
Shower wands back up please (Joe Kelly).
New non-slip floor covering in both locker rooms. 
Painting of building. Members should be solicited for design.
Lower sky lights for ladies room to be replaced this year.
New bball court has been installed. Current bball hoop will be removed. Tether ball should be put where former bball court was. Improvements to volleyball poles.
Chuck has a steel guy who will come take old fence.
Electrical improvement to conduit to kitchen ceiling exhaust fan (Mic)
Chris Goff will send out notices. First one is 3/26. 
Board training-
Will occur. Particularly at least meeting before opening (in May) which will occur at pool.
Board resignation: Melissa Thomas.
Levee agreement-
Change non-contact date to April 15.