Board Meeting Minutes January 24th 2016

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: January 24, 2016
Present: Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, DJ Nolan, Dennis Alexander, Chris Gowen, Dave McCandlish, Colin Strauss Riggs, Dave deRosa, Chuck Thies, 
Absent: Stacy Smith, Mic Byrne,
Levee Update 
Finance - Marvin
Physical Plant
Three new board members
Meredith Massey, Liz Duffy, Abebi Wolfe
Meredith and Liz would like to work on events, Abebi would like to work on community outreach.
Proposal to add them to board until the next election (seconded).
Unanimously adopted.
The fee increase
Discussion of alternative fee increase. Dave McCandlish discusses proposal to help lessen the differential impact between those who would be most and least impacted – raised proposed children’s fee, slightly lowered adult fee.
New Membership Rates 2016
Adult: $190 each
One dependent child: $60
Two or more dependent children: $120
Senior: $140 each
Lap Swimmer: $145
Capital Improvement Fee: $25 (Every membership unit: family group/group house/couple with or without children/single adult or senior pays this fee.)
Children under the age of two on Opening Day are free.
*Babysitter: $75 (This person may visit the pool an unlimited number of times ONLY when accompanied by a member and may not be a member of your immediate family.)
*Houseguests may join a membership for up to a month for a fee of $90 per adult and $40 per dependent child. Please contact a Board Member for details.
*These options will be available in mid-May.
New fee proposal moved and adopted. Amounts appended to minutes.
The budget
Budget proposed unanimously adopted. 
Party rates
Final proposal: 4 parties 7 days a week, 2 from 11-2, 2 from 3-6. Tiered pricing: Mon – Thurs: $50, Fri – Sun $100, no parties on holidays. 20 person limit.
Proposal on changes to schedule, 20 non-members at parties: moved and seconded
Unanimously adopted
Proposal on fees: $50 Mon – Thurs, $100 Fri – Sun; moved and seconded
Basketball court
Excavation and tarmac done, sleeve for backboard installed. 20’ x 35’, cost @ $6K. Still going to seal court, paint marks. Paint it blue?
Backboard is all-weather glass, approved by folks who know backboard, cost $340. DJ will provide link so Gowen can investigate to make sure there’s no liability issues.
The proposed name change
Chuck proposed a couple of names earlier, will send around email soliciting new names, with two week deadline. Ideas for if we decide to change, doesn’t commit us.
Chuck will send email, will discuss again in February.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Improvements for Spring
Future Agenda Items
Next Meetings: