Board Meeting Minutes December 13th 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: December 13, 2015
Present: Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, Dave deRosa, DJ Nolan, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Dave McCandlish, Stacy Smith
Apologies: Colin Strauss Riggs
Levee Update 
Finance – Marvin
Looks like we have approval for loan. Should have around $7K float to finish off-season projects. Use loan amount for roof? Rainy day fund? Credit line? May be good to establish credit through use of loan. Could also use next year’s fees to pay, but will need a budget, may still need to dip into rainy day fund/loan. Reasonable to use loan to build credit, roof project does not qualify as a rainy day fund project.
Physical Plant
Roof Progress (Mic)
Solar panel removal was bid at $2K for removal/replacement. Have already received an invoice for $3.6K for removal. Mic: contractor never worked on this type of system when producing estimate. Replacement will be cheaper, total will still be a fraction of other bids. Also issues with responsiveness of contractor with queries. Roofing work to date looks good. Wood replaced, some insulation installed, slight pitch has been installed for drainage.
For future: big capital improvement projects should be done under contract. Will need to determine what $ level that should be.
Parking Lot proposal (Mic)
Committee has produced sketch for parking plans, inclusive of drop-off areas, separate ADA compliant parking, extra service parking spots. Includes 5K sq. ft. additional paving. Also includes traffic flow recommendations. Will still need to get estimate from contractor, get financing, schedule work. Will need to decide in next month to get engineering designs, permits if we want to build this spring. Charge members for parking (1 per family). Cover both parking lot and elementary school?  $25/family. 54(?) spaces in current plan. Need to think through issues of enforcement. Enforcement will also require increasing Lighthouse duties. Points of agreement: need passes, one per family, hanging pass. Questions remain about enforcement (who does it?); charging for pass. Staff will be required to park at Thomas Stone. Will not charge for pass – will require members to pick up pass on first day/Countdown to Splashdown, use immediately. Will track in database. Replacement passes will cost $25 (alternately, 1/year – if you lose it, you’re out of luck). Gowen will be involved in getting towing contract.
Mary: additional – people fixing cars in our lot, need to have Queenstown enforce the prohibition of that.
Other Off-season work (DJN)
Contractor no-show on basketball court by guard shack (want to see if we can get it done while warm). Has widened steps for toddler pool, will be putting pavers under pavilion as well. $3800 to pave basketball court, will install basketball hoop ourselves in spring. Will do pavilion in spring. Will look at reclaiming old court in spring with sodding, etc. Other ideas for improving bath house? Told to spend 15-20K on bathhouse improvements, need to have ideas for ideas that we’ve discarded.
Prices for 2016 (Marvin)
Birthday/Events: Current policy allows for 3 parties a day, up to 35 people, for four hours. $35 dollar fee. New proposal: Increase fees, limit to 20 non-members, establish 2 3 hour/ 3party sessions a day. Will produce written proposals for consideration at next meeting
Swim lessons: will produce written proposal for consideration at next meeting.
Board Membership (Stacy)
Will attach electronic version of proposal as addenda to minutes. Need to address demographic diversity of board, address size of the board, especially in light of events over the last few summers. Proposal includes: plan of how to diversify board; creation of executive committee to handle sensitive matters to ensure confidentiality (may also want to consider formalizing standing committees, have sitting members, adds stability to formal governance structure, provides an assessment for potential board members).
Add new members in January – need to discuss with one potential member about tag-teaming board membership with wife. Stacy will draft formal proposal for next meeting.
Budget Planning
Marvin will arrange budget meeting for second week of January. Will check with Tanya on when we need pricing information for registration.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
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