Board Meeting Minutes November 15 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: November 15, 2015
Present: Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, Dave deRosa, DJ Nolan, Colin Strauss Riggs, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Dave McCandlish
Apologies: Stacy Smith
Absent: Melissa Thomas
Levee Update:
Gowen would propose getting co-op hours to members for helping with drafting legal/real estate document for levee settlement. Document will outline that value of commercial pool property should be evaluated differently than other commercial properties because of unique features of property. Don’t need co-op hours, Mic will help. 
Finance - Marvin
Physical Plant:
Cashless PG Pool:
Possibility to recharge on-line? Don’t think there’s a way, will probably have to do it at pool via Square (with card). Cards will replace Pool Bucks. Will still take checks. Should get lockbox to place checks in if we are going to be doing fewer deposits. Dave and DJ will look into lockbox.
Parking Committee:
No responses from committee members yet.
Fee Committee:
Looking to abolish household fee. Raises all rates, as fairly as possible. Lowest increases are to single-person households. Have proposal that would increase revenues by ~$23K, which would keep up with wage increases through 2018. No total fees should go down, so baseline should be current cost to family (exception is single adult, who would have fee reduced $5, minimal impact). Lap swimmers and seniors up to $155 as base fee. Coop fee remains same – should reinforce co-op system, need to recognize ability of people to pay up front. What other alternatives exist? Graduated coop rates for non-participants. Need to consider flat, across the board increases to just deal with fact that cost of business has increased since last time fees were increased? We are trying to set fees through 2018. Will vote on new member fees at next meeting. Will send revised fee sheet for consideration.
Party registrations:
- Need to ensure that party guests not included in fees/membership are being paid for. Party total close to $10K, about half coming from deposits. Stacey and Gowen going to put together party proposal for new party fees, guest party fees. Will present at next meeting. (DJ recommends that shelter still be first come first serve).
Finance Report:
- Line of credit search
Will be using $50K line of credit to repair roof, should have $10K to carry over into spring.
SECU – claims that there’s a state law which requires personal co-signers/guarantor for the loan, will not issue otherwise. Trying to increase line of credit to $100K. Checking with PNC on LoC. Will have to reassess going ahead with some projects, or use alternate savings to pay for, reimburse after next summer.
- Parking
Yet to be paid.
Progress on off-season projects
- Solar City was a little slow on getting back to us about removing/replacing panels. Referred us to expensive contractor ($34K) for panels, but don’t have to use. Using Carlos to remove and reinstall, should be done tomorrow. Costs us $2000. Materials delivered, should be done in next 2 weeks. Whole roof is being replaced. Insulation being added, will give positive slope to the roof.
- Flooring for shelter – 3 bids on 3 different materials, estimates runs from $11.5K for concrete pavers to $17K. Pavers seem to be the way to go. Will be ADA accessible with path to pool path and to kiddie pool. Proposal to authorize for pavers, will do some grading as well. Should wait until spring, until final cash/credit flow issue is resolved (see Finance)
- Bids on new windows up top/ground level for bathhouse. $7K, $5.7K. Louvered openings. Would improve appearance. 
- Bench installation $4.6K attached around walls in men’s/women’s bathroom.
- New gates/fencing: replacing is $6.7K, not including materials.
- Work on pavers could proceed now, will re-level, will paver over the mud puddle, will check on drainage. Requires stump removal. $3.2K for shower area, $2.5K for secondary area. Recommend $3.2 K bid for getting rid of muddy area around foot shower, including removing stump, should cost $5K total. Seconded, motion carries.
- Basketball area: recommending taking out small tree and bush, paving 30’x40’ spot for court area. Still getting bids. David McC places under consideration of moving ball court to back area by shed. Will investigate.
- Reassessing grill situation for new purchases. Very few complaints on cleanliness of grills throughout the season.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
Next Meetings: 
Dec. 13, 4 PM, DJs house.