Board Meeting Minutes October 18 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: October 18, 2015
Present: Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, Dave deRosa, DJ Nolan, Colin Strauss Riggs, Dennis Alexander, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Dave McCandlish
Apologies: Stacy Smith
Absent: Andrew Farrington, Melissa Thomas
Finance – Marvin
About $25K left over in general fund, supposed to get $12K from apartments for parking. $2.5K back from insurance.
Physical Plant
Renaming pool
Are we ready to rename?
Affects a lot of stuff, if we want to get it done, need to start thinking now. PG Pool is a misnomer, may clear up some PR misconceptions. Can pick number of new names and put it out to membership
Set date to have several pool names, including PG Pool, to circulate and solicit member feedback.
Need to consider all associated costs with renaming.
Board votes to consider name suggestions in January, solicit member feedback in winter spring. 
Levee update
Waiting for county to respond. We’ll accept $22K for payment, need assurances on protecting pool assets.
Capital improvements
Roof bids: 3 bids in. Low bid @ $44K. Others at $70K, $51K. Mic recommends low bid – roofer is known, quality. Also need to cost out removal/replacement of panels. Have about 4 weeks left this year to do it, should only take a week. Can wait until spring.
Marvin should talk to bank about $100K loan, will wait until spring for roof, can use loan for both roof and parking if deals allow for it. Will also look into using equity line of credit. Board approves.
Surface under pavilion: Getting bids for permeable surface under pavilion. Looks nice. DJ also getting bids for pavers. Permeable may be easier. $7K budget, $10-15K may be more advisable.
Off-season activities/tasks: Reference document, add ideas for other tasks, send in email to DJ. Need contractor to repair fence along the alleyway. Spending $2500 to repair will still be cheaper than next higher bids for construction. Contractor to fix drainage by outdoor shower. Look into painter for blue under bathhouse, concrete for basketball court, bathroom improvements, commercial fridges and freezers. Getting bids for matching kid pool fencing, gates for bathrooms and front gate.
Insurance Update
Insurance claim for legal expenses paid for attorney for civil case. Attorneys for both civil and criminal cases have been paid, $2.5K to pool. Could file for additional $2.5K for criminal, but could raise rates. We will wait until we know outcome of criminal proceedings to submit filings for costs.  
Birthday parties
Gowen: Proposes new system for renting parties. 3 slots available for limited number of hours at non-peak times, at an increased cost.
Don’t necessarily need to change system. Can up party fee, should note party times. Put time restrictions for when party can happy during peak times.
Whatever the system is, requires management, including moving people along. Stacy needs to be here. New policy should be written down for discussion. Gowen will draft proposal.
Camps – Same issues as above
Swimming Lessons- Same issues as above
Gift cards for cashless pool
SquareUp offers these cards, can get them personalized for the pool. Minimum order is 500, would like to order 1000, set up for beginning of year, get 1 to 2 for each family. $1.25/card, should give it as part of membership, charge for replacement costs.
McCandlish will check on transaction fees, whether names can be included in personalization for members
Parking committee has not met yet. Will meet before next meeting, will present plan for next meeting.
Schedule: need system for drop-off for beginning of next season. 
Does not need to be a complete revamping. Also need some repairs for insurance. What is assumed to be “capping” (may be full resurfacing, need to check) will cost $35K, fixing for insurance company will cost $3K. Mic has bid for $85K for milling and repaving.
Mary: Need to considering parking decals/permits for members
Last call for reimbursements
Message has been sent out reminding folks to apply for co-op reimbursements, subsequent reminders until mid-November
Instructions for Fee Committee
Need to draft budget, so need guidance on new fees. Looking at ramping up for additional cost increases. Costs of just personnel going up @ $25K in next three years. Fee and budget committee will meet shortly. Fee committee members in 9-19-15 minutes.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
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