Board Meeting Minutes September 19th 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.
Board Meeting
MINUTES: September 19, 2015
Present: Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Mary Melchior, Marvin Russell, Dave deRosa, DJ Nolan, Colin Strauss Riggs, Stacy Smith, Dennis Alexander, Dave McCandlish, Chuck Thies,
Apologies: Chris Gowen, Mic Byrne, Melissa Thomas
Guest: Elizabeth Duffy
Levee Update 
County has rejected ask for additional money, says they are not responsible for damage of things they don’t “directly touch” (like buried pipes). We are reconsidering options.
Update sent around. Co-op refunds will be going out over the next couple of weeks as workdays fulfilled. Taxes and insurance due late in year, as well as additional billing from Lighthouse. AF: There’s a reason we budget too few hours? Stacy: Yes – we under-budget for pool closures, even though we pay more, it gives us a bit more flexibility. DJ: We’ve gotten better about budgeting the hours.
Stacy: Getting to where we want to be with staff. Grounds have generally looked great, staff taking ownership of pool appearance. Customer service from staff has been much improved. A little sloppy about sending people home in first few weeks, improved as season went on (thanks to supervision). Will discuss with guards the “staff hierarchy” with regards to dismissal. Only one guard this year who wasn’t a pool kid. Hoping that Caitlyn and George come back. Sam was great with swim lessons, swim lessons are going better. Mary: things slid at the end of the season.
Chuck: Tough summer for the board, DJ handled the issues admirably, even with a huge load.
DJ: Many members expressed that this was a great season. Bowlding event was a high point (will have a web page dedicated to the event). Powerful event, very meaningful, and members were proud of the pool. May be continuing engagement with the family and the pool, and the family had a great time for the day.
Dennis: Got several thank yous, including from a lap-swim member and from an August membership – both expressed thanks for those types of opportunities.
Physical Plant
Introduction of Elizabeth Duffy, who’s visiting to consider joining board.
DJ will talk with Meredith Massey and Stephen Johnson, who are also interested to be board members
Approve membership meeting minutes
Still need to be reviewed, updated before posting. Folks on listserv have asked that meeting minutes be published. Will amend to summarize conversation on community parenting.
Stacy: Should just include one line. AF: Use McCandlish’s language. 
Final 2015 workdays
Workday today, September 26. Can have one for Octoberfest, and 2 more in October. DJ will compile list of items to complete. Need board members to run workdays.
Parking Committee
Mic, Chuck, Andrew have volunteered. Members – Phil Koopman has volunteered. Need to consider alley space in parking considerations. Mic has submitted an initial idea.
Fees for 2016
Mic, DJ, Stacy, Marvin, Chuck, DeRosa have volunteered to be on committee to consider fees for 2016 forward. Do not believe we need members to be on committee
Five-Year Plan
We are at a point where improvements may be slowed down as we reconsider parking. Items for 2015
Improve bathhouse (still needs some improvements)
Sod grading
Fencing around the kiddie pool
External fencing (still looking for custom colors)
Replaced roof on wading pool pumphouse. Will need to be rebuilt to accommodate shade structure.
Replace front entrance gate (will be coordinated with fencing)
New grills. One Weber burnt down. One Weber leaking gas. Many will need new parts, team grill will do assessment of grills, make further recommendations. Leaky Weber should be under warranty.
Trash upgraded
Outside landscaping – not done, and since parking needs to happen, good to have delayed
New shelter up
Bathhouse roof and other improvements – maybe install permanent seating around the edges. Improve flooring with sealant. 2 more showers in ladies changing room? Mary: would like to reduce to one private stall – will keep kids shower parties from slowing down line. Shower stalls are also very small. DJ: could add 2 new open showers to left of stalls
Improve lighting around pool deck. Mary: should we wait until the levee is done? McCandlish: land by the alley should not be dug into. Chuck: don’t we have enough light? DJ: members have expressed an need for it.
Renovating kitchen: lots of interest. Commercial grade refrigerators to be installed. Looking into secondhand fridges.
Sod and regarding
Mic wants basketball pad
Pavers beneath shelter.(may need to grade under the shelter). Need to keep in mind accessible to kiddie pool is next to shelter
DD update: potential court date, 10/14. Looking into hiring lawyer. A few more witnesses have been identified. Board has offered mediation to family, family will consider mediation in November.
Board Member Conduct Final Weekend
Annual reminder that Board members do not have privileges beyond other members. Incidents in final weekend commented on by members and staff, DJ will speak to individual members privately. 
Best days to meet? Saturday or Sunday for off-season at 4PM. Meetings in October, December/January, February, March, April, May. 
Mary: Meeting before Octoberfest? 
Sundays seem best, will poll around specific time. DJ and Goff will get schedule together, distribute it ASAP.
Mary: Members have seen kids on the leaning tree, playing in barbed wire. Elizabeth: kids have gotten stuck. Mary: Need to think about managing that area, that tree might need to go, plant something new.
Andrew: Dog days? DJ: No – it will kill the liner.
DJ: Offer to rent stage risers in off-season. Will provide storage, cleaning for winter, little extra change. Will entertain offer.
Marvin: need to invoice apartments for parking
DJ: will revisit with school for next year’s parking, will also check in on Buchanan Street improvements.
Next Steps for the Next Meeting
Future Agenda Items
Lightning policy
Next Meetings: