Member Meeting Minutes August 29 2015


Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Member Meeting

MINUTES: August 29, 2015



·         There are no surprises in the financial reports from this season

·         The Pool’s finances are strong

·         The Board opened a rainy day fun at SECU and plans to keep $100,000 in that account.


Membership Fee Changes

·         Membership fees have not been raised for 9 years

·         Minimum wage is going up in the state of Maryland to $10.10 by 2018

·         A number of years ago the board voted to stay $1 ahead of minimum wage for entry-level jobs at the pool because we believe in a living wage.

·         We plan to raise the membership fees next year to accommodate this commitment

·         Board is still working on the fee structure, but will also consider removing the household fee


Status of the 5 Year Plan

Upcoming projects;

·         Replace the roof on the bathhouse

·         Improve the bathhouse flooring

·         Add lighting around the pool

·         Begin renovating the kitchen area

·         Swim team would like to buy something to slightly shorten the distance of the pool so that divisional swim meets can be held at the pool

·         Recommendation to plant shade trees along the alley, which we plan to do after the levee project is completed.



·         Rented the parking lot from Thomas Stone Elementary

·         Ask that those who are able to walk park at the school so that people who cannot walk or families with small children can use the lot next to the pool

·         We will be coming up with a parking plan in the off season

·         We plan to have several spaces for drop off and may have a guard to look after children who are dropped off while adults park

·         We plan to talk to the state about purchasing the land next to the pool and the current parking lot

·         Recommendation to increase handicap parking


Levee Update

·         We received an oral agreement that the levee work will not be done during the season.

·         We have not heard back from them in several months about the land valuation


Cashless PG Pool

·         Board is floating the idea of no longer accepting cash since it requires a board member to pick up the cash every night, count it, and deposit the money.  It is also a safety issue.

·         We would accept PG Pool bucks ($20 and $50 increments) and credit cards

·         Members suggested considering having a place on the website to purchase guest fees.


Board and Officer Elections

President: David Nolan

Vice President: Chris Gowen

Treasurer: Marvin Russell

Secretary: Chris Goff


Board members up for re-election: Dennis Alexander, Mic Byrne, Andrew Farrington, Chris Gowen, Dave McCandlish, Mary Melchior, Stacy Smith


Emily Wurth resigned


All elected unanimously.


Any Other Business


·         Next Saturday (Sept. 5) we will be having a dedication ceremony for the Raymond Bowlding shelter, named for the man whose courage and perseverance integrated PG Pool. There will be speakers and a pot luck dessert offering.


·         A member brought to the attention of the members at the meeting an incident involving her child and a board member. There was significant discussion about this and the board provided an update to the membership via the member listserv on Sept. 6. That update is pasted below.


·         A member raised concerns about the condition of the Lost and Discarded Shed. It will be repaired.


·         There was some discussion about the new grills.


The meeting was adjourned.



Email to Members, Sept. 6, 2015:


At the movie night on July 31, an incident between two pool members, one of whom is a board member, became the subject of a complaint to the board. The board member had removed a child from behind the screen that was showing the movie.

At the next board meeting, the complaint was presented to the board with a list of demands. Given the gravity of the accusation and the extent of the demands, the board decided it was necessary to have an investigation, which was initiated that same evening.

At the conclusion of the investigation, which involved interviewing several members and nonmembers who had witnessed the incident, the board concluded that the demands were not proportional to what had taken place that evening.

After hearing that, the child's parents initiated legal proceedings.

At this time, the pool itself is not the subject of litigation. The board has voted to cover the board member’s legal fees from pool resources if they are not covered by our Directors & Officers Liability Insurance policy.

The board is committed to finding an equitable resolution to this matter.

We do not intend to comment further on this matter until the litigation is concluded.

David J. Nolan
President, Prince George's Swimming Pool Board of Directors