Board Meeting Minutes August 29 2015

August 29th Board Meeting

In attendance: Stacy Smith, Chris Gowen, Melissa Thomas, Emily Wurth, David Nolan, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Dave McCandlish, Dave DeRosa, Andrew Farrington, Marvin Russell, Mary Melchior, Dennis Alexander, Chris Goff, Mic Byrne

Board discussed and passed two resolutions:

(Dave DeRosa was asked to withdraw from this section of the meeting.)

Resolution for the PG Pool to cover Dave DeRosa’s legal costs, given that he was acting in his capacity as a Board Member when the incident took place.

11 in favor.

2 abstained.

Resolution that the Board will work to find an equitable resolution so that no party is forcibly excluded from the pool; we will work to involve a mediator if needed to protect the cohesion of our community.

12 in favor.

1 against.

All members should contact Chris Gowen in writing with comments, concerns regarding the incident.