Board Meeting Minutes August 26 2015

Prince George’s Pool Board of Directors
August 26, 2015
Meeting Minutes

Present: Dennis Alexander, DJ Nolan, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Mic Byrnes, Andrew Farrington, Melissa Thomas, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Chris Goff, Dave McCandlish, Dave DeRosa
Apologies:  Emily Wurth, Marvin Russell

Member meeting:

·        Parking: need to have committee to review parking next year, including establishing supervised drop-off zones. Also, need to think about parking lot resurfacing and how that will affect parking

·        5 year plan: Have done 2/3 of first year, can finish rest in off season. Can review year 2.

·        Board/Officer elections: Candidates?

·        Moving to a cashless pool: Either pool bucks or cards. Taking temperature of the members. Also eliminates board members needing to cash out.

·        Other business:

o   Smoking at the pool (deferred)

Financial Statements

·        Clarification of when payments for insurance, property tax are due

·        What’s included in office supplies? Envelopes, Orchid, etc.

·        Clarification of utilities line item, including money generated from solar panels.

Ray Bowlding shelter dedication: September 5

·        Revised count of family members: 15-18 members

·        Have done media outreach, some interest, but no commitments

·        Workday to clean grounds; pot-luck; ceremony around 2 PM.

Member altercation from movie night

·        Gowen conducted investigation, spoke to several witnesses, spoke with other members about “sense” of the incident, talked with other pool members who are lawyers.

·        Gowen reviews incident.

·        Recommendations (Gowen):

o   Barricade behind screen on movie night to prevent children behind the screen

o   Review of pool rules: no child under 10 unsupervised/unaccompanied;

o   Do have obligation to speak with members in a controlled, respectful way

·        Additional recommendations (DJ):

o   Outside counsel/people on committee with regards to how to review/handle recommendations?

·        Meeting with family at 5 PM on Thursday 8/27.


·        Stacy distributed budget numbers for pool management.