Board Meeting Minutes August 5 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool
Board Meeting Minutes
August 5, 2015

Present: Andrew Farrington, David DeRosa, Chris Goff, Dennis Alexander, Mic Byrnes, Chuck Thies, Chris Gowen, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Dave McCandlish, DJ Nolan, Marvin Russell
Apologies: Emily Wurth, Stacy Smith, Melissa Thomas, Mary Melchior

I.                    Member correspondence
Two members filed a formal complaint regarding an incident on July 31, 2015 at Movie Night. Asking for three remedies (letter regarding incident has been distributed at meeting):

a.      Removing offending board member from the board

b.      Revocation of membership

c.       Board president sends email to membership regarding the incident, with remedies

Will have Chris Gowen review legalities, should meet Sunday or Monday to consider actions

II.                  Bowlding dedication
Saturday of Labor Day weekend, Bowlding family will be bringing about 20 members. Will present family with replicas of the plaque. Having some sort of formal presentation, plus cookout/pot-luck. Will not be inviting dignitaries, but will be writing press release/inviting local press.
Will need volunteers for the event, plus work-day to make the grounds presentable
Budgeting $1,000 for decorations, etc. for event

III.                Computer woes
Proposal submitted (see email with agenda)
Look at other computers/used iPads (given the cost of iPads)

IV.                Responses to Mt. Rainier Listserv emails criticizing the pool.
Very positive responses, one “critical” response. Nice community relations work

V.                  Wages/Fees
Currently $.50 ahead of MD minimum wage for starting wage. Keeping ahead wouldn’t necessarily be pay bump for everyone (mostly entry wage workers), but could have an effect. Currently have around 6,000 hours being worked. Need to tell Lighthouse before next year if we want to stay ahead of minimum wage, and by how much. Need to calculate effect on membership fees. Minimum wage applies on to folks 16+ years of age.
Need to consider not only wage growth, but also other costs that pool has been observing with raising fees. Would also like to reconsider fee structure in general.
Number crunchers will look at re-structuring fees (and removing household fee) and costs associated with keeping entry level wage $1 above minimum wage. PASSED, one vote against


John Clark setting up board emails
No levee update
Exterminator set up. $60/visit. Monthly April-Oct, bi-monthly Nov – Mar
Insurance company wants us to pick up bricks in parking lot, “work on the parking lot”. Please save any communications regarding the parking lot.
Swimming team will be getting new swimblocks, also looking into getting a bulkhead to make pool regulation 25 meters.
Request to recover floor/footboards of lifeguard chairs. Will look into.
Request for one more movie night post-season with sing-along Sound of Music

Next agenda:

            Review computer/front desk proposal