Board Meeting Minutes July 8th 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: July 8, 2015


Present: Mic Byrnes, DJ Nolan, Emily Wurth, Marvin Russell, Chris Goff, Dave DeRosa, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Dennis Alexander, Stacy Smith, Mary Melchior

Apologies: Chuck Thies, Melissa Thomas, Chris Gowen, Dave McCandlish, Andrew Farrington




·         DavidMc to resolve problems with wooden fencing on the playing field side of the property. –

-          Looking for other fence companies (Chuck)

o   Have one full bid but seeking two more


Levee Update

- We have the latest letter from the County and we are waiting for Chris Gowen to make the final changes to it.





-          Front gate issues (replacement of swim team laptop)

o   Buy the swim team a new computer and the pool will contribute to compensate $300 for old laptop

-          Opening and Closing procedures not being done correctly

o   Windows are not open in kitchen and should be closed at night

-          We are still working on the business license but the City of Mt. Rainier has what it needs.

-          Hours with Lighthouse- one of the busiest Junes we’ve had. We are right around $13,000 in overages if we continue at this pace by the end of the season. Board members have called about extra guards on duty who are not needed.


Physical Plant

-          Fence Security

o   Bottles throw in toddler pool—

§  Have guards walk along the fence and pick up anything that can cause damage (glass etc.)

o   Fireworks thrown over the fence and kids ran away

-          Fence

o   Waiting for bids

o   Waiting for fence guys to come finish the work

-          Outstanding to-dos

o   Only one bid on the roof

-          Playground parts

o   Two pieces missing on playground

o   Just re-ordered them because they dropped the ball, so that is outstanding

-          Propane account

o   It wasn’t working so called U-Haul and they gave the wrong account number. Gave a longer account number so hoping it works. People are paying out of their own pocket since account is not working.

-          Ordered two new grills – will need to be assembled



-          Band Guests

o   Can bring family or a friend

-          Update on members without photos

o   Everyone has done the photos now


The Five-Year plan




Next Steps for the Next Meeting

-          Melissa to fix the computer/Ipad/internet for the front desk

-          Stacy to go over opening and closing procedures with managers

-          Every three days, have guards walk along property line by Nature Center to look for glass bottles or anything else that could damage pool

-          Update on fence repairs, playground, roof bids,

-          Sell the two lap lane end boards

-          Extend the pavers further out from the outdoor shower. Chuck will also talk to paver guy about the sand in the pavers.


Future Agenda Items

-          Recruiting new board members

-          Payment for guards in future and MD minimum wage


Next Meeting(s)

July 22, August 5 & 19 and September 2.