Board Meeting Minutes June 24th 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: June 24, 2015


Present: Andrew Farrington, Chris Goff, Chuck Thies, Mary Melchior, Emily Wurth, Marvin Russell, Dave McCandlish, Mic Byrne, Dave deRosa, DJ Nolan, Colin Strauss Riggs, Stacy Smith, Chris Gowen, Melissa Thomas,

Apologies: Dennis Alexander




Stacy will make the photos of board members happen – they are up

DavidMc to resolve problems with wooden fencing on the playing field side of the property. –

-          Looking for other fence companies (Chuck)

o   Have one full bid but seeking two more

Roof – Mic 

            - Got one bid getting two more

Ken (LH) will present a plan on installing the kickboards for lessons/lap swimmers etc.           Stacy

-          Did it yesterday and showed Bruce and two other guards how to do it.

-          Putting it in every day during this time to give lap swimmer a wall in their lane

-          Will sell the other two


Levee Update

Levee/appraisal – ChrisG

-          Got some tips from the members and form a subcommittee under Chris’ direction

o   A judge, a lawyer and a woman who works at a non-profit all expressed interested after the member meeting.


Investing our Rainy Day Fund – Marvin

-          Not in compliance with ensuring our deposits so we need to move them quickly to another bank

-          SECU had the best rates. They said we can use Dave M.’s number.

-          We agree to open a money market account with $100,000 at the SECU.


July Depositor (while David McC is on vacation) – Stacy Smith agreed

-          Count the money and put in a cash back

-          Enter slip from the count into quickbooks as a sale receipt for the day

-          Roll the coins and bundle the cash into hundred bill bundles

-          Go back into quickbooks and generate a deposit slip and also hand write deposit slip and take that to the bank checking account.

-          PNC – branch in Brookland

-          Dave to train Stacy


PA Equipment – DdR

-           Voted to spend $1400 on music equipment

Two new Weber Grills – DJN

- Weber grills that Gary suggested. Buy 2 and test them against the very expensive grills.  One in each spot. All voted in favor.

Clothesline –

-          Jackie Young would like us to buy a circular one to dry out the towels for $50 at Home Depot

-          Pole in concrete      -  Co-op



Front Desk Logins/closing/ Register etc. – DJN/Stacy

-          Ipad is operating very slowly

-          Get a hard book created of membership

-          Access the technology situation

o   DJ and Melissa will work with people who installed the router to assess the technology issue.

-          Bring on more gate guards at the end of June, and July from 4-8 pm.

-          Open the pool at 10 am by adding a third lifeguard.


Lane lines, lap swim and lessons.

-          Repaired the broken lane line.

-          One lap lane from 6pm – 8pm

-          Early morning lap swim 6:30-8:30 am  

-          Need to invest in two new lap lanes and a wheel to protect them – will price out the options. May invest in one during the season.


Liability Survey – ChrisG

-          11:00 on Friday – manager can handle it. Showing the insurance guy around. Andrew can do that. Stacy will let Lighthouse know.

-          Insurance is on Dropbox

-          Director Insurance has not been resolved—Chris G., Marvin and Dave M. to resolve


Physical Plant

Outdoor Shower/playground faucet update – DMc

Water water everywhere; child manufactured puddle problems

-          Turned the water off with the irrigation center.  Dave M. repaired it

-          Long term—extend the pavers further out. Chuck will talk to paver guy about the sand in the pavers.

Comcast/Verizon – DJN

            - Phone being done through Comcast. Cancel Verizon account.


Member Pictures

We still have 23 people who have not posted their photos as we require - seven individuals and four entire families consisting of 16 members. Both RJ and I (Dennis) have reminded them several times and told them that they will not be admitted by the gate guards if their photos aren't posted, but I don't think that has happened. As uncomfortable as it might be for them to enforce, the gate guards need to be reminded that there is no admittance without a photo and that they can seek assistance from a board member if there is a problem...unless we want to go down a different path with this requirement.   

-          Email went to gate guards to remind them not to let them in.

-          Send an email from DJ to all of them indicating that they will suspend their membership.


Parking – DJN et al

-          Do leafleting

-          City police showed up with the town planner to ticket people yesterday.

July 4 – Dunk Tank? – DJN
            - Big hose can be used to be filled up

-          Age requirement for sitting in it

-          Rent one for the weekend

-          Have as many guards as we can get that.


Lightning/thunder technology/policy

- May use the shelter and that is where you shelter.

- Need to clear pool deck and showers too


The Five-Year plan


Next Steps for the Next Meeting


Future Agenda Items

            - Longer discussion in the off-season about the lightning policy


Next Meetings: