Board Meeting Minutes July 22nd 2015

Prince George’s Swimming Pool, Inc.

Board Meeting

MINUTES: July 22, 2015


Present: Mic Byrnes, DJ Nolan, Emily Wurth, Marvin Russell, Chris Goff, Dave DeRosa, Colin Strauss-Riggs, Dennis Alexander, Stacy Smith, Mary Melchior, Chuck Thies, Melissa Thomas, Chris Gowen (late), Andrew Farrington

Apologies: Dave McCandlish




·         Melissa to fix the computer/Ipad/internet for the front desk

o   Updated Ipad operating system

o   Get another Ipad to have two Ipads and two squares with no laptop

o   Fixed the wireless router – garbage bag on top

o   Brian will encase it in the off season and ensure for ventilation

·         Stacy to go over opening and closing procedures with managers

·         Every three days, have guards walk along property line by Nature Center to look for glass bottles or anything else that could damage pool – Stacy walked with one of the guards and reiterate it to the managers

·         Update on fence repairs, playground, roof bids  -- fence fixed, playground parts at Dave M’s house, Dave D will pick them up. Will repair roof in offseason

·         We now have the business license and it will be posted

·         Propane Account working

·         New Grills Assembled and working well

·         DavidMc to resolve problems with wooden fencing on the playing field side of the property.



Tent Night

·         Difficult night – emails, phone calls and texts

·         Calls into question future tent nights

·         Also calls into question when guards make a call and people disagree with it

·         No issues post 11 pm

·         9:15 – Manager saw lightning but nobody else saw it leading to a huge argument

o   Opened the grounds but not the pool

o   Consulted app and nearest storm was in York, PA

o   Pool was shut down—did seem unnecessary but important to back the pool manager

o   At least one member was unbelievably nasty to manager – cursing

o   Bruce said guards were threatened by members

o   When a pool manager sees lightning, there is lightning

o   Board takes over the pool at 11 pm on tent nights

o   Need to have a point person on the board in charge of tent night

o   Discuss lightning policy in the off season with the app

o   Clear email clarifying that if there are issues with management should come to board member and not to the staff


Wages for our guards/fees next year

    Maryland: $8.25        $8.75 eff. 7-1-16           $9.25 eff. 7-1-17           $10.10 eff. 7-1-18

-          Need to have a discussion in the off -season.

-          Need to determine what we pay gates guards and lifeguards in the coming seasons with the MD minimum wage law changing

-          Need to discuss at the fall member meeting on August 29th

Bowlding Family Ceremony

o   DJ has been in touch with the sons of Ray Bowlding

o   Ray passed away in the mid ‘80s

o   Going to get as many of their family together as they can for the Saturday of Labor Day weekend (September 5th)

o   Do a ceremony for them – get a replica of the plaque made for them

o   Cookout with free food and maybe some local media will be interested

o   We can have speeches

o   Clean the grounds up – do a workday

o   Close the pool during the ceremony


Lost and found $$s

-          Asked to donate to the Thomas Stone’s field trip fund


Board email addresses

- Time to professionalize the board’s emails responses to people. We can set them up as a domain that is more encompassing. John Clark will set them up for officers or anyone who has a particular role. It will be available on the website. Take off people who do not have a particular job. Prefer to have professional interactions with people. We will set people up with them.


Levee Update

-          Chris Gowen submitted a reworked letter to the County on the levee project



Budget to date

-          Everything is on target

-          Four things not exactly right

o   Lighthouse hours - $6,000 over budget

o   Supplies and Equipment – Used $25,000 out of $30,000

-          $10,000 for Levee and only have spent $1,000

-          Pool repair – budgeted $10,000 and haven’t spent anything

o   Need a bill for the repair of the diving board – expected $1,500

-          Cash deposited within $300 of last year’s numbers



-          Pizza night for the staff for doing a float night paid for by the board


Physical Plant

-          Exterminator

o   Had one 3 years ago that did a good job

o   Unfortunately their contact stopped being on the board and they kept billing us but they were outside but not inside. Company is American Pest. Chuck will be the point of contact and let them in in the off season. We will get an annual contract for bugs, bees on volleyball court, roaches, and rodents. $100/month or so.

-          Electrical Invoice

o   Mic and DJ will figure it out



The Five-Year plan


Next Steps for the Next Meeting



Sell the excess two lap lane end boards

Extend the pavers further out from the outdoor shower. Chuck will also talk to paver guy about the sand in the pavers.


Future Agenda Items

-          Recruiting new board members

-          Wages for gate guards and lifeguards before Fall member meeting

-          Discuss and revisit lightning policy


Next Meeting(s): August 5 & 19 and September 2.